Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The third week of the Antares online campaign saw the forces advance upon the mysterious Builder ruins – with vicious firefights and tactical movements meaning that the battle lines continue to shift, and it remains unclear exactly who has the tactical advantage…

However, the fighting certainly wasn’t isolated exclusively to the ruins – battles continued to rage around both the Landing Zones, and the Transmat Sites – reinforcements continue to pour-in for all factions while forces on the ground scramble to secure their positions and establish some form of defensible foothold.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the third week’s highlights!


VardosCadix (Freeborn) vs. Baldlea (Concord) – (pics courtesy of BaldLea) see original post here

The technicians called it intercepting communications but Freeborn Captain Petra of Vardos Cadix knew better; it was eavesdropping. That said, it mattered not how it was obtained knowledge has value. The concord imtel was buzzing with chatter of an item of value amidst a clearing in the Southern jungle of Xilos and if it was valuable to the Concord it was desirable to Vardos Cadix. She ordered her troops westward through the jungles and rocky ridges. Her Domari formed the centre of the vanguard, with her command squad and the forward most Mhagris feral unit on the right and left of this respectively. In hindsight she mistimed the order to run (caution or inexperience who knows) and the Concord strike teams were already well into the clearing as her troops worked their way forward to the edge of the treeline.


Rather than rue events Petra chose to see the current situation as an opportunity: a command squad and two Concord strike teams out in the open was a gift she could not ignore. She encouraged urgency from the rearmost two teams as she ordered her forward troops to form a firing line around the clearing. Ferals entered the clearing near the north east edge concentrating their firepower on the closest squad. The Concord unit struggled to react efficiently and they received a number of casualties. Petra and her bodyguards fired in from the southeast primarily pinning their targets. She ordered the domari unit to press through the dense flora on the immediate east of the clearing but they struggled to penetrate through the undergrowth. A second squad of ferals arrived at the run and lined up behind the first. The narrow jungle paths made it difficult to press ahead so they hung back behind their peers. The more skilled Vardanari arrived and took a wider path around the northeastern outcroppings, aiming to support the ferals’ flank.

However, neither of the newer units could add their firepower to the growing conflict. The concord squads advanced closer to a polished stone of great size which Petra assumed was the goal. They fired at the encroaching Freeborn as they did so. A newly arrived pair of combat drones hovered into view and the smell of cooked Mhagris flesh assaulted Petras nose. She ordered the second feral squad to replace the first in the firing line. As their fire told on the central Concord units, she stepped forward into the clearing her batter drone offering her cover as she did. The Domari having failed to push through the bush scurried round it and down the path behind her. The Vardanari fired in at the Concord command squad from the north and the C3 commander was left alone but unshaken. The feral squad shot at the strike team which had earlier struggled to react to their predecessors and reducing their numbers too. So far so good for Vardos Cadix


However, the Concord forces resurged: A flanking squad emerged from a stone tunnel dominating the southern clearing edge; Captain Petra was gunned down despite the batter drone and the two remaining troopers in the southern most squad lifted the prize and ran back north across their clearing. They passed the prize off to the squadleader with the poor reactions. Undeterred by the threat, the ferals advanced into point blank of the two PLS gun drones firing past them at the infantry. Three mag guns were levelled at the squad that had first lifted the prize and the micro x-launcher separately shot the squad leader who was now carrying the stone. However, the squad-leader’s armour held and he ran out of the clearing but remained just in view. Petra ‘s bodyguard and her Domari joined in the attempt but the C3 commander was hugging the floor and their fire proved ineffectual.


The battle was in the balance and all now hinged on who would react first: the lone C3 squad-leader carrying the builder artefact or the ferals now deep in the clearing hungry to chase him down.

With a howl of despair the eager ferals watched the squad-leader vanish into the brush bearing the prize back to the Concord lines.



Blitz40k (Ghar Empire) vs. Megapunch (Boromites) – See original post here

Commander 256 squad leader of Recon unit F looked down at his console and sighed.
“286; two words, Radio Silence.”
“Commander, I’m hungry again.”
“You just ate 2 hours ago.”
“Yea but I’m hungry again… can we go find something to kill?”
Meanwhile: Boromite scouts intercept a powerful radio transmission.
“Sir.. on the radio, sounds like Ghar troops. I can’t make it out, sounds like they are arguing about something.”
Work Gang leader Brok nodded his head.  “They are nearby, probably searching for the builder relic we found. Bring up the X-launcher we’ll use the relic as bait and grind their suits to dust with our artillery.”
“With your new unit leader promotion I thought we could just.. you know do a little hunting is all. Besides I haven’t fired my scourer cannon all day.”
Commander 256 used his plasma claw to clear some dense underbrush making way through the dense jungle.
“It was only a minor commendation, and one i’m likely to loose if you don’t shut up.”


Turn 1: Ghar units on routine patrol encounter Boromite units entrenched in an old set of dusty ruins. Seismic activity is detected but before a warning is given a huge Gulper emerges from the ground. Some Boromites fall into the gaping hole the tunneling worm left while others are devoured whole. The Boromite commander, undaunted wastes no time in setting up their new X-launcher and begins shelling ghar troops.
Turn 2: Boromite troops now armed with heavier boring machinery fire at Ghar battle suits and blow a plasma reactor. Waves of plasma wash over the battlefield but the Boromites were ready and no one was lost. The Ghar troops are pinned down by X-launcher fire.

Turn 3. The Gulper attacks Ghar assault troops who survive the confrontation. Their armour withstanding the worm’s acid attacks. X-launcher fire continues to entangle the other squad of suits and they are ordered to retreat the battlefield.
Turn 4. Attack Scutters are destroyed by Boromite Vorpal charges and only the commander is left to cover the retreat.

Turn 5. The Gulper attacks the commander who valiantly stands his ground. He defeats the worm by snapping its spine in two between the pincers of his plasma claw. However advancing into the ruins with Boromites hidden everywhere seems like a poor plan and he retreats to base.



TWSJosh (Isorians) vs. Don (Algoryn) – see original post here

The Isorian scouting force was heading back to their headquarters to give their report of the builders ruin. The air was heavy with the smell of rotten bubbling acid swamps, the soldiers were about a half day from base and already thinking of rest. That’s when they saw them, Algoryn scouts It was a chance encounter, the weary Isorians didn’t want a fight but knew that’s what they were in for.


Algoryn troops pressed the left flank quickly wrapping around the cliffs and dense forests. The Isorians had much more difficulty navigating the unfamiliar jungle terrain, they would soon find out the terrain and Algoryn were the least of their worries. A Xilos drummer came out of the forest and charged the pinned Isorian phase squad. The warriors were able to take the creature out with minimal casualties. Immediatley a strange gulper came up from underground eating three Isorians before a lucky melee attack was able to kill the beast.


It was becoming clear the creatures of Xilos were hungry for alien flesh. The Algoryn warriors held their formation and kept pressing the left flank, their leader using the ‘follow’ special rule to keep his troops on the move. A squad of Isorians were able to break through on the right flank, but the others did not fare as well. A giant brightly colored gulper came out of the bubbling acid swamp and ate the majority of the command squad, the surviors ran for their lives. The gulper was not done feasting it would continue to pursue Isorians.


Another squad was assaulted, squad members being eating by all three mouths. The Isorians lost their nerve in the face of such a beast and ran never to be seen again! The Algoryns would get through the battle almost unharmed, all but one squad returned to their headquarters on Xilos. It was a heavy loss for the Isorians they can not afford such horrific casualties. Its becoming clear the danger on Xilos is below the surface.



Current Standings

At the end of week three, and at the closing of the third episode, here are the overall scores;

Ghar Empire – 117
Concord – 94
Boromites – 76
Ghar Outcast Rebels – 64
Isorians – 59
Algoryn – 56
Freeborn – 53

…some interesting shifts – the Freeborn have lost ground to the Algoryn, Isorians, and Ghar Rebels (who have seen a huge boost, given the new releases over the past few weeks) – what will Episode 4 hold in store?


Reinforcements Required!

As forces advance upon the Builder Ruins, and fights break-out as they struggle for control – urgent support is required! – all sides need reinforcement and resupply – so be sure to sign-up to the campaign and show your colours now!

If you’ve already signed-up and have taken-up the cause – why not share the link around to your gaming buddies and other friends in order to rally support!

Don’t forget that there’s loot on offer – each week we’re picking a bunch of winners to receive all sorts of exclusive Antares-related prizes.. take a look here for details!

Xilos Campaign Preview


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