Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

With the first few weeks of the campaign under our belts, it’s time for reinforcements to be deployed in the form of prizes for some of our favourite content being feed-back!


Episodical Armies

Each week, we’ll be picking one lucky participant who has submitted a Battle Report to win an Army Deal – for the first wave of prizes, our lucky winners can choose either of the BRAND NEW 500pt Deals!

The first week’s Army goes to ‘shammond42’ – who submitted this Battle Report

The second week’s Army goes to ‘Bit Cru Sharr’ – who submitted this Battle Report

Drop Capsule Assault!

Each week, we’re picking our favourite Battle Report to receive an additional prize… the first few episodes see a lot of activity around the Landing Grounds, so – this week, we’ll be awarding our favourite Battle Report writer with a set of our recently released Algoryn Drop Capsule Assault Pack!

The first week’s prize goes to user ‘Kurar’ – who submitted the very first Battle Report!

The second week’s prize goes to ‘Karyle’ – for this Battle Report. We were particularly impressed with the cinematic edited photos!



We’ll pick our favourite photograph submitted each week, and award the photographer with Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt!

Our favourite photo from the first week came courtesy of user ‘muggins’ – for this shot of his newly acquired Algoryn Drop Capsules landing amid the Freeborn defences!


Our favourite photo from the second week’s action comes from ‘Karyle’ again – for this awesome cinematic pic of his Algoryn storming into battle;


Winners – hold tight, you will be contacted in the coming days to confirm details before your prizes are shipped out in double-quick time!

Keep reporting back on the action for your chance to win next week!