Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Orbital Drop

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Malach Bur
VS Ghar Empire

Our Mother commanded that a small group of our Family should descend to the planet surface and take control of a deserted mining facility still rich in tradable resources.
Cousin Cubuto was sent down first, taking an X-Launcher armed with various types of munitions, most importantly our favoured net rounds. His drop location seemed favourable being a slight distance from the target where he could possibly command any possible battle that might ensue. Honourable cousin…
Next to drop was my other cousin Charack, mighty in stature and strong in nature, with his brethren armed with mass compactors. His deployment placed him near the mine alongside our next deployment of gangers with mag guns and my own younger brother Tookat Bur leading them.
My own drop was delayed and I am still confused as to why but this allowed those damned tinned flesh rats weak in their natural form but fearsome in their war machines to suddenly appear in close proximity to cousin Cubuto…honourable cousin, he did not stand a chance. He will be sorely missed within our Family…
This was a massive blow, the net rounds would be very effective against these pink weaklings even in their armour.
A second squad of these vermin descended close to the mine, and Charack could fire his compactors slowing them slightly but damaging them none.
Eventually I was able to join the fray, but my position although covered was too close to the second group of Ghar beasts who immediately dispatched my two companions.
Oh how I despise this disruptive weapon of the metal locusts as the fired upon Charack killing most of his men, causing this mighty cousin of mine to run…
A second out letting of this infernal weapon was directed at my brother Tookat who decided to react straight back, the ant against the elephant. This brave act proved decisive with two of the metal monsters exploding and the third turning tail and running causing cheers in my brothers gang.
We noticed the other three machines retreating as we pulled back to gather our forces, the mine could wait and next time we would better prepared.
Now I must humble myself before our Mother, for although ever loving her wrath is more fearsome than a hundred Ghar.


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