Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Strange Container?

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Malach Bur
VS Ghar Empire

After our first skirmish with metallic machines of the Ghar, we managed to reorganise our force before celebrating the bravery of my brother Tookat. Our celebrations were but short by communications from Our Mother. She was not best pleased but also not entirely wrathful, so chastised us with guidance. She would send down reinforcements while the Ghar were slightly distracted.
Among these additional family members were replacements for Charack’s worker gang, a new x-launcer team and some rock riders under the command of my second cousin Gajok Mut.
We decided to forage further into the woodlands and came across a strange container emblazoned with Antares (was this of Builder origin?) Very close to an antiquated trans mat device.
It seemed however that the metal locusts had got there first and appeared to be excavating the area.
As we approached they noticed our presence and opened fire immediately and I had to dive to the dirt, only just surviving the attack. Jeanak of my guard was not so lucky…
I shouted across to Brendar, who manned the X-Launcher to open fire, the coordinates of the target transferred via my spotter drone. The shot was on target causing three of the bulky mechanoids to take to the ground. I offered thanks to The Great Mother for her fortune.
Gajock and his rock riders had been deployed on our far right to hopefully to secure that flank but as they rushed forwards the infernal distrupter cannons of the Ghar walking machines dispensed with them easily. Had my prayer of thanks been too early?
Charack moved forwards towards the forest edge and took cover, releasing a vorpal charge towards the metal monsters.
My brother edged around a small hillock while we assessed the Ghar movement. Suddenly we noticed movement within the trees and bug like skitters appeared before us.
Charack immediately dispatched two of these bothersome creatures but came under fire himself as a disrupter cannon took aim from within the trees. My stalwart cousin was able to avoid casualties in this exchange.
Brendar continued to barrage the fighting machines, now six in number, causing them to bottleneck at their only pathway towards us.
Tookat ran forward taking out another skitter while Charack engaged the disrupter cannon killing its loader. Tookat had now exposed himself and the Ghar machines took out a couple of his men, but my brother remained focused and The Great Mother’s blessing remained with him.
The pink rat battle machines continued to cower under fire from Brendar and the X-Launcher net rounds, although they seemed to reorganise themselves in order to attack.
Both Tookat and Charack moved into the woods, Charack dispatching the disrupter cannon, while Tookat’s mag guns had little effect on the remaining skitter.
I too moved forward and came under fire from the battle suits, my drone and companion destroyed but will to fight intact.
Finally Tookat was able to destroy the insect like skitter and cut a path through the trees towards the strange container supported by Charack my bulky cousin.
Once through the treeline, Tookat bravely charged the metal hulks as Charack positioned himself for a decisive attack. Tookat lectro lash whipped the metal beast to heal and destroying one of them.
As Tookat withdrew to mount another attack he received fire from his side but was able to take cover and survive what could have been courageous death.
It was Charack, mighty Charack, who ended the fight, flanking the beast and destroying its leader causing the remaining monster to flee, his companions following suit realising that The Great Mother guided us.
We now had a great prize for Our Mother, today she would be pleased.

Malach Bur

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