Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Malach Bur Wounded

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Malach Bur
VS Ghar Empire

I dictate this from my camp bed as I have been injured an cannot write as yet due to those damned Ghar and a new walking machine bigger than the accursed battlesuit. Its speed of action confounded our attempts to collect several artifacts, stomping around like some massive Borobug lava!
We arrived at the scene still angered at our last skirmish with those Concordians , noticing several artifacts littered about. There appeared to be no opposing forces so I advanced along with Brendar to a rocky ledge to give him protection should we face opposition. My brother Tookat was on my right and headed towards some rocky pillars where an artifact lay beyond. To his right were the towering rock riders commanded by Gajock Mut. On my left was mighty Charack positioned to collect another of the strange artifacts.
No sooner had we advanced than the Ghar monstrosities appeared to our front. The walking bug fired straight at me but missed at first. The Rock riders sped forwards in attempt at a flanking move, but the crawler fired again slowing then down and causing them to go down.
We tried netting the thing but Brendars shots were well of target, probably orbiting this damned planet.
Ghar fighting suits arrived firing more death upon us, I was stuck where I was but Charack, mighty Charack was without fear running towards a crater and dispatching the flying flitters in his path. Tookat took out another flitter on his side as the walking metal catapillar stomped around firing at will at anything that moved. It was then that a massive blast exploded right next to me and I lost consciousness….
Tookat later told me that Charack released two vorpal charges that backfired on him and also injured him and another brother. They had managed to retrieve an artifact. The Ghar battlesuit exploded after many attempts from Brendar to disable them but Tookat st half strength after the walker thing had taken half his group decided that he should concentrate on getting Charack and I to safety.
Tookat had been commended for his actions as has Charack but this was not a good day…

Ghar Empire

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