Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Squidward's Easter Island Home (aka: The C3 Mosh Pit)

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VS Freeborn
Arwel Vidarr

Strike Force Superfletch engaged a Freeborn battle force under the command of Arwel Vidarr (aka: Andy the Unlucky) in the defense of Squidward’s Easter Island Home (with special transmat powers.) Andy’s favorite toy, a C3M4 Combat Drone lead the assault and entered, as expected, spitting plasma rounds while the C3 strike troopers (lead by K. Josen himself) clung to the bits of cover surrounding the home and awaited much needed reinforcement. A General Purpose drone sporting an annoying subverter array was quickly dispatched by the Combat Drone despite making a dash for heavier cover (where it could more safely perform it’s evil little tricks to draw this monster away from the objective.)

The infantry and support drones from both sides exchanged relatively inconclusive fire at first, but pins and casualties gradually mounted, mostly on the Freeborn side. As the C3M4 drew closer, much of the Concord fire was directed its’ way. There wasn’t much hope in destroying it, but experienced commanders have reported that the C3M4 becomes more vulnerable once the batter drone shield is taken down.
The two Light Support drones of SF Superfletch soon found a weak spot in the Combat Drone’s shielding and the target miraculously melted into a blob of molten goo.

Side note: Andy, aka “The Unlucky” managed the 1% chance of rolling two consecutive tens. It should be noted that the first was arguably “cocked” and could have been re-rolled without argument from even the most argumentative of overly competitive players. Andy pounded the table (as I had done earlier in the very same circumstance, but to get a more favorable score.) When the damage roll came up a 10, the only result to destroy it outright, I felt ashamed and Andy was visibly deflated. However, he took it in stride, as he always does, which reminded me that he is the veritable “poster child” for good sportsmanship.

The remainder of the battle was essentially a “mop up” operation. Andy’s other toy, a MOD2 attack skimmer, seemed to forget there was an attack in progress. I believe it failed to enter the battle on three consecutive tries. Soon, Squidward’s front lawn was dubbed the C3 “Mosh Pit” as strike troops groped their way through the mob for firing positions. The coup de grace was delivered by an Interceptor Squad that was the last to enter the fray. The last Vardari trooper who courageously endured a storm of plasma was finally over run by the glory hunting bikers and the unfortunate Freeborn force was broken.


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  • horuspex says:

    love the purple! the drone death sounds rough. not a good day for dice. would a shield drone have saved it?!

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    I guess the whole game is about lucky…or unlucky dice rolls. Good job.

  • Superfletch says:

    Fun, yes, but mostly for me. I was somewhat disappointed by the Freeborn combat drone being killed by a lucky shot on turn 2. My strategy in dealing with it was to amass as many pins as I could on it and maneuver strike troops into position to assault it with plasma grenades. I’ve never done that and I wanted to see how viable of a tactic this would be. I guess it would have seemed more satisfying to destroy the combat drone in this way as it would be a display of good tactics rather than blind, dumb luck.

  • Karyle says:

    Looks like a fun game!

  • Krom the Concorder says:

    Well fought. C3 onward!