Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Blood on the Vines

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord
B. Pik

Togrul cursed the jungle as he led his patrol towards an reported entrance to the newly discovered tunnels. Reports had warned him of enemy movement near the entrance and he ordered his forces to be prepared for engagement.

As his Assault troops led the way forward the unmistakable sound of pulse weapons erupted and an assault trooper was torn to pieces in front of him. Gore covering his comrades.

Togrul was proud to see his men fan out and engage the emerging Concord forces without instruction and allowed him to focus on the forces opposing him.

The opening reply from his men saw a freakish shot down the enemy cm weapon drone. It’s flaming wreckage seeming to rattle the Concord troops nearby.

The steady thump of X-Launcher rounds tore up the jungle around the Concord forces and Togrul said a prayer of thanks for choosing to bring it along to set up an outpost on the hills overlooking the tunnel.

The battle was truly swinging his troops way. All that remained was a squad of Concord troops on his left flank and a crazed sergeant on the right flank whose entire squad had been decimated.

And then suddenly it was over, assault troops mowed down the brave sergeant and the remaining squad brike. Concord bodies littered the jungle and save the poor unfortunate assault trooper who died at the start, none of his men had fallen. Ordering the advance to resume Togrul led his patrol deeper into the jungle and closer to the mysterys the tunnels held.

Another fun battle against my old nemesis The Concord. Taking out the Weapon Drone in my opening shot was a massive boost and then the dice never left me. Managed to save every resistance test and just had the dice going my way. My opponent was exceptional and a great sport. Looking forward to the next match.


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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