Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Shaltok continues his harassment

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord

The C3 were discovered setting up a transmat in the jungle, the construction nanosphere surrounded by kinetic barriers. As per Karg’s standing orders, Shaltok’s command converged on the sight to deal with the situation.
Unfortunately, the searching Ghar were dispersed throughout the jungle so took some time to arrive. The suits and bombers pushed through the jungle and arrived to find the nimble outcasts had just gotten there first – and taken punishment. After dropping a few disruptor bombs within the barricade, the bomber squad was taken out by the combined fire from multiple interceptors and C2 strike squads, the last remaining trooper bravely charging the interceptors and being brought down in a hail of fire.
But construction stuttered, no doubt due to the subspace dysfunction caused by the disruptor bombs. More Ghar came on, including tectorists and flitters, though even Shaltok and an accompanying troop of bombers were delayed by the dense undergrowth. More outcasts arrived and took out a complete strike squad before bravely advancing further towards the transmat and the despicable demonstration of technological humanity. Near them, the battle squad finally brought down a batter shield to leave an exposed weak face of the Concord deployment. This was quickly taken advantage of by a pair of disruptor cannon and the malevolent drones sank to the ground to avoid further shooting – one was even disabled.
Shaltok finally broke free of the tendrils of mutated undergrowth and trundled onto the table in his crawler. Assessing the situation, he quickly blew away some of the kinetic barricade, exposing the troops hiding behind it to any further Ghar coming on-table. His subsequent shots tore through the abominable humans with the accuracy expected of the veteran of Shamasai and numerous other battles.
The Concord were overwhelmed…

Ghar Empire

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