Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Return of the Boro(mites)

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VS Algoryn
Bit Cru Sharr

On a remarkably similar location to the initial assault against Bit Cru Sharr the Boromites successfully prevented the Algoryn scouts from activating the transmat station.

Reinforcements were this time confirmed inbound so Overseer Theron flung his forces at the Algoryn. Compactor fire pinned the troops on one side while a Gang squad bailed through a defence gap to hit the transmat.

Scouts in cover caused a lot of fruitless and otherwise wasted fire from mag support and gang fighter fire. The overseer’s decoy team was dispatched, presumably the enemy command team thought it a strategic target, the real Overseer stepped into the warzone not long after.

The transmat was nearly complete (13/15) when the gang fighters ran in and ruined the assembly. The Algoryn ran seeing their defence wasted and the Boromites got to work restructuring the area for their benefit- the Algoryn will return…


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