Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Enter Gestalin.

View Linked Report - Click Here Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Algoryn
Bit Cru Sharr

This mission was a home brew attempt, based on Rulebook scenario 6 (capture the drone and take it to your board edge) we decided to proxy in 3 Xilos Drummers and have them contain something looking important.

Kill the Drummers, bring their Crystaline innards back to base. Added rules- Reinforcements for both sides (as we were 500pts).

Guildess Arran Gestalin lead a scouting party including the newly recruited rock riders to investigate a frozen power station in the northern reaches of Xilos.

As they arrive she took note of 3 Xilos Drummer creatures with enhanced morphology, a crystaline substance growing instead of the usual leathery hide. Her rock rider entourage quickly noted the Algoryn presence in the area.

It was suddenly a race to capture any of the three Drummers, killing if necessary, to study this substance and see if it may aid the campaign, or failing that provide clues on killing those blasted Gulpers.

Infantry surged forewards on both sides, slaying all three Drummers in quick succession, no sooner than Fighter team had collected a sample the Algoryn did the same, it was a race to the third Drummer.

A joint assault from Lavamites and the Rock Rider team avenged the Guildess’ initial fall by destroying an infiltrator and AI squad in close quarters, the rest of the Algoryn remained wary of the Lavan species from then on.

The final drummer noted its kin lost and made to attack the nearest units, it was destroyed by Boromite fire and the Work Gang secured it for base transfer.
Just out of time (or luck..) a fresh squad of Infiltrators made to take back the blue crystals but was halted by back up Rock Riders, ultimately sent packing in a similar manner.

Victory, if a little salty with the wounds on Arran.


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