Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Into the Tunnels! No, the other way!

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Algoryn
Bit Cru Sharr

Scaled down to 500pts due to board size.

General Raam heard of the potential Builder Ruins and set the Frag Teams to use burrowing through the rock.

A few caverns were discovered, one of which was connected to the Builder main chamber.
Overseer and his scout team of workers, fighters and a mighty ‘Mite swarm flooded the chambers, hounded by shots from an Algoryn presence, recognised as Bit Cru Sharr’s forces from earlier encounters.

A desperate charge to break the enemy was almost efficient, the Lavamite horde brought down an Algoryn AI team with ease, suffering few casualties but retreating to the main chamber when the Infiltrator team were found to be hiding behind their comrades. As a race the Boromites remember what happened the last few times a similar unit let loose grenades by the names of “Solar Charges”… The Fighter gang were not prepared to meet that same fate.

The work gang was dispatched by a charge from the opposite end of the ruins, but by the time Overseer had ordered a rearrangement of forces it was too late, the algoryn had managed to squeeze hold of the majority of the ruins, a retreat was sounded.

Bit Cru Sharr

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