Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Panhuman Conflict

View Linked Report - Click Here Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

Boromites and Ghar fight over the crashed drone, 1000pts (Matched Scenario 6 from the rulebook).

Ghar suffer significant damage early on from the Heavy Frag Borer and some plucky soldiers/terrible resistance, but whittled down the Boromite forces with sustained firepower.

Ghar outcasts and a lavamite team stumble upon the objective in a woodland simultaneously and promptly scrap for control. The lavamites fell to point blank shooting and only the handler came out alive, making a dart for home territory- only to be dispatched quickly by running in open ground in front of no less than 4 Ghar Battlesuits.

No other units could get to the drone, the Boromite forces broke and retreated, the Ghar left the drone after the bloodshed, presumably forgetting why it was required or receiving more pressing orders from the High Commanders.


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