Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The power of the Ghar

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VS Ghar Empire

Commander Blitztac of the Ghar began signaling the planetary defenses as orbital drop pods began making entry onto his compound housing one of the many Ghar power generators. As reports had flooded his way of Ghar losses and planetary defenses crumbling, he began making preparations for victory as he would not be taken as so many other units had before him. While a few pods were destroyed before they even reached the ground, a sizable amount still made there landing beyond the compound. Flitters fed back valuable information on troop movements outside the compound. Evidently Boromite forces had joined the forces against the Ghar. Blitztac hated the Boromites as the mercenaries could not be trusted. He often felt that the Boromites played both sides of the conflict in order to enrich themselves. As he began sending out commands to his forces he prepared for battle, determined that his generator would not be destroyed by these hideous brutes. From the Rocky outcropping of the surrounding hills began a full on assault by the Boromite forces. As the Boromites reached ever closer Ghar attack scutters began to open fire on the enemy. As the Boromites began to return fire it became evident that they were in for a bloody fight as their shots bounced harmlessly off the superior armor of the Ghar battle suites and Attack Scutters. The Boromites fought bravely as they advanced on the Ghar walkers. Blitztac began to condemn his units as he saw a unit of work gangers release vorpal charges into a unit of walkers armed with Scourer Cannons. The whole unit was completely lost as Blitztac pounded his fist on his arm rest. Screaming wildly across his comm net, he began to order his units of Scutters to redeploy to the generator platform as Boromite forces were advancing on the generator itself. The maneuver worked as Blitztac’s walker unit caught two units of Boromite forces in a cross fire with the Scutters and obliterated the Boromites with ferocious impunity. As the Bormites began to charge the walkers and Scutters protecting the generator there charge was in vain as they simply could not penetrate or even force the Ghar suits and Scutters to fall back as there hits simply could not penetrate or pin Ghar forces. Beaten and out of vorpal charges what was left of the Boromite forces were forced to retreat. With a great whirl of his battle suit Blitztac fired off volleys of Gouger fire while waving his large mechanical arm in triumph.

Ghar Empire

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  • Maye Gelt says:

    Good battle report. As others said, shame no picys. If you don’t want to take them as you don’t have painted models. Then just take 1-2 pregame pics of the battlefield before setup.

  • Blitz40k says:

    There are Photos of this game up on the Linked battle report. Check it out for my own fluff/battle report of this game. Thanks

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Many models in this Xilos action are not painted. Pictures are always good with or without painted figures.

  • Megapunch says:

    Thanks Karyle. I have not taken pictures because my models are not all painted. I have this thing about not having fully painted armies. But my friend took pics I will have him post some 🙂

  • Karyle says:

    Booo on the Ghar victory, but you fought bravely brother Boromite. Honor the Clans! (also take pictures next time!!!)