Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Blitztac's Massacre

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

Blitztac’s forces were on the move as his effective defense of the Ghar generator field at Reinta had earned him another battlefield promotion. Blitztac’s sole purpose was to one day rise to the rank of Supreme Commander himself. Blitztac often disciplined his battle troopers as he dreamed of what it would be like to be Supreme Commander. But as his thoughts started to drift once again he quickly brought himself back to the task at hand. Flitters had reported a site of activity near Blitztac’s forces. Upon further reconnaissance, it seemed that a group of Boromites were working diligently to build a transmit station. The very idea enraged Blitztac and he began giving orders to his units and signaling for attack. Flitters, when functioning properly, fed target information directly to Blitztac’s unit. Forward the walkers began their march towards the enemy. Units of walkers with scourer cannons broke off from the main column and were given orders to attack the compound from the west while Blitztac and the rest of the forces would take the compound from the east. Instantly fire erupted as the Boromites started firing with light support mag guns. The effort was in vane as many shots just bounced off the Ghar armor. Undeterred Blitztac pressed the attack forward as he promised that any cowardice would be met with execution at his own hand. The Ghar unit that had broken off was suddenly attacked by Boromite work gangs and destroyed instantly as the Boromites let loose a salvo of vorpal charges destroying the whole unit instantly. Blitztac screamed wildly and cursed the Boromites cunning and the lack of preparedness of his troops. Determined to breach the Boromite defenses, Blitztac ordered a full out assault. Mag gun fire again left little to worry about as the Ghar breached the compound and began assaulting the Boromite forces. The battle was quickly over as the Boromite forces were ill equipped to repel such a hardened enemy. Ghar assault squads crushed Boromite forces in a bloody shower of death as there claws ripped apart body after body as the Boromites became enraged and attacked the Ghar suits with blind hatred in hand to hand combat fearing nothing else would work. Eventually the Boromites fell as Blitztac recorded his first massacre. He proudly stepped out of his battle suit and began taking pictures next to the dead Boromites and there failed attempt to build there transmat station. Blitztac was pleased.

Ghar Empire

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