Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Blitztac's defeat

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VS Ghar Empire

Blitztac comfortably advanced his units through the ruble and ruins of an unexplored site in a far off sector of Xilos. After his previous victories, the Ghar commanders had ordered his squad to keep a look out and secure the ruined city from any and all invaders. It was known that builder tech may be found in the ruins and the Ghar did not want any enemy forces scouring the grounds before their own engineers could comb the site. It wasn’t long into their patrol when flitters detected movement in the dense terrain. With little warning net ammo from Boromite launchers began pinning unit two of the Ghar forces. Boromite Gangers began darting from cover to advance on the Ghar forces. Angrily, Blitztac began ordering units to exercise caution as they looked to rain down fire on the scrambling Boromites. Suddenly, before Blitztac could finish his transmission, a violent collision sent his walker reeling into the rest of the unit. As he fought to get control he could hear the loud roar of something unnatural. Optics revealed that a large monstrous creature known as a Gulper had erupted from the ground and had begun attacking his unit. The Gulper fought with extreme savagery as Blitztac’s unit tried desperately to evade the monster while striking their own blows against the creature with their Plasma Claws. The Boromites quickly advanced closer to the ruins, taking advantage of the Ghar’s misfortune. As a unit of Boromite Gangers began excavating an alien metal case the beast quickly turned its attention to them. Before the unit knew what was happening the large beast was upon them. Though the Boromites tried in vain to evade the creature it pounded them and then ingested the unit in one swift scooping motion. Ghar Attack Scutters began to press the attack on the Boromite units as the chaos of the battlefield seemed to halt the Boromite advance. But heavy fire from the Boromites kept the Scutters at bay while a group of Work Gangers emerged from the terrain to let loose their vorpal charges destroying the scutters. AS Blitztac tried desperately to get control of the battlefield the large monster was again upon his unit. As the creature tried wildly to destroy the Ghar walkers Blitztack lunged his suit at the beast and began tearing at the best with his suits plasma claw. A series of precise attacks saw the creature fall to the ground its innards spilling about the field. Blitztack now trying to rally troops and re organize his lines found himself alone on the field as all but one unit of his walkers were left. The Boromites continued to pour on heavy fire forcing Blitztac to retreat. He cursed the Boromites as he pounded his fist on his console forced to withdraw.


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