Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Advance And Fire

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Del S
VS Ghar Empire

Phase One:

The Ghar Assasult Squad advanced at a run, as the Concord Support Drones moved into position to fire. The Leader’s re-rolled save prevented a causality, and the Assault Squad powered through the pin to advance at a slower pace, firing upon Strike Squad Alpha to kill one Strike troper and force the unit down. Squad Bravo fired upon the Assault squad, as the Battle Squad inched forward, firing upon Charlie and killing a trooper. Undeterred, the remaining troopers of Charlie fired on the Assault Squad as the Battle Squad fell victim to the disruption dice.

Phase Two:

The downed squads recovered, but the Assault Squad failed their order. The Drones fired upon the Assault Squad again, another re-rolled save preserving them. A second failed order saw the Assault Squad do nothing this turn but keep their heads down. The Battle Squad however fired upon Squad Charlie once more, and only a Leader re-roll stopped another casualty. Charlie advanced, killing 1 member of the Assault Squad, forcing a failed test that saw them wiped out. The Battle Squad fired once more on Charlie in revenge, killing a trooper

Phase Three:

The held-over disruption dice forced Alpha down, as the Battle Squad advanced. Though one volley of shots all missed, the second order saw the Ghar use quantity over quality to devastating effect, the entire squadron of Drones wiped out. Charlie fired upon the Battle Squad to inflict a pin, but the disruptor dice ruined Bravo’s prospects of assisting.

Phase Four:

Alpha and Bravo recovered as the Battle Squad’s Plasma Amp burned out, and they failed their order test. Charlie and Bravo both fired upon the Battle Squad, adding more pins and almost claiming a kill had the leader not re-rolled. Alpha’s efforts to join in were derailed by the disruptor dice.

Phase Five:

Though initiative had swung back to the Concord somewhat, the Battle Squad managed to recover from being down while Alpha did not. Charlie fired on the Battle Squad for another pin as Bravo moved to fire, only for the Battle Squad to successfully react and fire back. Though they took a pin, the Battle Squad won the firefight by killing four of Bravo, and the lone survivor failed his break test.

Phase Six:

Alpha was downed by the held-over disruptor dice once more, right after standing back up. However, the Battle Squad fell prey to the new disruptor dice, letting Charlie add one more pin.

The D6 roll came up as a 6, seeing the fight carry on for one more phase.

Phase 7:

All the downed units recovered, but the heavily-pinned Battle Squad’s nerve did not hold and they failed their order. Charlie fired upon the Battle Squad, and Alpha managed to evade the disruptor dice to have their shot at a contribution to the battle, scoring the decisive and fatal pin that made the Ghar break.

Del S

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