Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Heavy Losses

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Del S
VS Ghar Empire

Phase One
Kai Lek’s Squad Kilo ran forward, as Battle Squad Krem advanced and fired upon them, killing the Plasma Lancer. Assault Squad Baysh ran forward, into a hail of fire from the advancing Drones, but suffered only a pin. The Outcasts advanced and fired upon the drones, but missed. Squad Alpha fell victim to disruption as the Assault Squad advanced and destroyed a drone as well as forcing them down. Battle Squad Dosh ran up the side to reach the fray, as Concord Squad Charlie also ran to relocate. Bravo moved up firing upon the Assault Squad, adding a pin.

Phase Two
All downed units recovered, and the Drones added another pin to the Assault Squad even as the Outcasts moved up, missing their shots at the Drones. Squad Charlie then shot the Outcasts, killing their leader. Kilo advanced, but missed the assault entirely with their shots. Bravo tried to use weight of fire to kill an Assault Squad member but failed to do any damage or inflict pins. However, the Assault Squad found themselves disruptored. Their second order dice solved the dilemma, advancing and firing on Kilo, only to also miss completely. Alpha advanced and shot the Assault Squad, managing to kill the leader with the plasma lance. Battle Squad Dosh advanced and shot Charlie, killing the Lancer and a regular trooper. Krem advanced upon the Drones, their focuses shots flying wide.

Phase Three
Kilo stood firm and fired as the Assault Squad charged, but caused no damage. The Ghar assault saw three hits, but no kills. Neither side broke, so the Ghar follow-on fighting saw 1 Concord trooper die, but Kilo held firm and both sides consolidated. The Outcasts lost their nerve and dived for cover, as the Drones also failed to operate. Alpha opened fire upon the Assault Squad, provoking a firefight where Alpha lost a man and were forced down, but both sides took a pin. Ghar Battle Squad Dosh meanwhile utterly annihilated Charlie in a hail of fire, as Bravo fell victim to disruption. Krem seized this moment to advance and fire on the Drones, managing to destroy the Spotter and one more weapon drone. The last drone held firm.

Phase Four
Alpha failed to stand back up as the Outcasts advanced, adding a pin to Kilo. Dosh advanced and fired on Bravo, killing 2. The last Drone added a pin to the Assault Squad, who then successfully rallied to lose all pins. Kilo advanced and killed an Outcast in retaliation for their earlier shots, as Bravo fired and killed another. The Assault Squad then charged Kilo, killing one and wounding Kai Lek. The follow-on battle saw Kai Lek fail his test and break. Krem then added to the woes of what remained of the Concord force by killing Alpha’s lance and a regular trooper.

Phase Five
As Alpha stood up to face the music, Bravo fell victim to disruption, as the Drone killed 2 Outcasts, who were then disruptored. Assault fired on the already downed Bravo but only managed to pin them. Krem meanwhile wiped out Alpha entirely in a hail of shots. Dosh did the same to the last Drone, destroying it as they advanced. The Assault Squad charged the downed Bravo, killing one, but the last stand of the Concord saw them hold firm. Their nerve failed after the second round of fighting saw another casualty, and they broke, ensuring the Ghar had total victory.

Ghar Empire

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