Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Battle for the Generator

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Freeborn

The Algoryn made landing on Xilos to control the generator – a mission that they would fight as hard as they could but come out on the losing end. The Freeborn mercenaries tasked by the Ghar to hold the generator exacted a massive toll on the Algoryn squads and forced them to cede the field.

In the first turn, the Algoryn drop capsules made landing, putting down an AI Infantry Squad, two weapons teams, a command squad, and an assault squad. The Freeborn mag support and infantry put a withering hail of fire on the Algoryn but no troopers fell.

Turn two was much bloodier than the first, with reserves coming on for both forces. The Algoryn Assault Team moved forward and the Freeborn infantry got to learn all about D-Spinners before they were destroyed. On the Algoryn left flank the Freeborn infantry and jetbikes moved forward, putting down a few of the AI infantry and pinning them down. The Algoryn command squad sprinted to the Generator, capturing it and letting the other squads know that they could focus on killing Freeborn.

The Freeborn commander was cunning, bringing his own retinue on from a flank where they could immediately soak the Algoryn support team with plasma, removing them from the field. The Algoryn commander tasked his Infiltrator team with taking down the commander, then sent a squad of his own Algoryn Intruder Squad upfield to fight back vs the Freeborn jetbikes.

Turn three was the decisive turn. The Freeborn reinforcements and support guns rolled hot on their dice and managed to rout the assault squad and AI Infantry. The Freeborn jetbikes pushed back toward the generator and recaptured it. They also removed the Algoryn commander from the board, causing the Algoryn’s morale to break. The generator would stay in the Ghar’s hands for today…


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