Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Shadow of the Eclipse

VS Boromite

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After their recent debacle against the Ghar, the Eclipse were ready to redeem themselves when they discovered a Boromite staging point. Sneaking up to the compound in the mountains, the small force was the AI troopers were only too happy to see how lightly defended the Boromite position was. Even with their few troops the Eclipse AI should be able to take the position. As they advanced into position a Gang Fighter patrol noticed one of the AI squads and opened fire. The battle had begun.

On the right flank the ‘No Hats’, an AI squad with a predilection for not wearing full regulation battle harness, that is to say no helmets, and often assumed to be utterly mad, rushed up behind the Boromite supply pods. As they advanced an X-launcher shell suddenly landed amongst them causing them to hit the deck as three were badly wounded. As they found what shelter the No Hats saw a Work Gang clamber up onto the pods and open fire with their Mass Compactors. Thinking they were goners the two AI looked at each other and laughed as their armour resisted the mining tools of the Boromites. Buoyed by the surprisingly ineffective Mass Compactors, and seeing the effect the Net ammo from the AI X-launcher had had, the No Hats quickly charged the Work Gang, breaking the Work Gang’s moral and driving them off the field.

As the No Hats hopped off the supply pods they immediately came under fire from the X-launcher again, a shell exploding close by. The X-launcher team had clearly seen the spectacle of the Work Gang’s defeat and were so shocked and in awe of the No Hats that it threw off their aim. Taking the opportunity the No Hats sprinted to the Boromite weapon team, determined to make short work of them. The distance was further than they expected, and having badly over extended themselves they decided to continue on past and away from the fight, where they might catch their breath.

The left flank saw the the AI squad and Gang Fighters firing upon each other from range as they advanced. The Eclipse X-launcher landing a Net shot on the Gang Fighters severely limiting their firepower. In return the Boromite X-launcher blindfired a Scoot shell at the AI X-launcher causing the weapon team to quickly relocate before their nervous systems were fried.

The Gang Fighters quickly regrouped, deciding to hold their ground to pour fire into the AI squad who, rather sensibly, had decided to keep their helmets firmly in place. The AI on the other hand weren’t having a bar of it and continued to advance whilst pouring fire into the beleaguered Gang Fighters, whilst the X-launcher fired explosive and Net shots at, over and around the Boromites. A particularly accurate shot from the X-launcher saw the Boromites hit the deck. Deciding that they weren’t going to be shown up by the No Hats the AI squad charged in. The short ranged fire and fighting was remarkably bloodless, until the AI leader felt the need to shoot the Boromite leader in the face. It all went poorly for the Boromites after that. Deciding that the Supply pods might not be all that important after all, the Boromite weapon team quickly and quietly, for Boromites anyway, retreated the field.


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  • lastakodo says:

    Also Karyle I hope you don’t mind me stealing your awesome chapter set up 😀

  • lastakodo says:

    Thanks for the kind words folks 😀

    Hopefully I have a few more frequent games over the last few weeks of the campaign as the local Antares scene has gone from 2 to 5 with 3 or so people eagerly looking through the rules and pretty pictures!

  • Fomor says:

    Really nice batrep and gaming table. Those yellow colored Algoryn look amazing!

    You got a Commendation Sir :)!

  • Karyle says:

    That is some seriously good looking terrain and miniature painting!

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    That was great! Great report and fantastic Algoryn painting.