Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Boromite

Previous chapters of the Trials of the Eclipse:
-Shadow of the Eclipse:

Xiail heard the happy chirruping of the targeter probe before she saw her first contact. The recon element had been sent to follow the retreating Boromites after the Eclipse had taken their mountain staging point. Ordering her squad into position Xiail reviewed the feed from the targeter probes, a work gang equipped with some form of mining aparatus and an X-launcher team. Never one to be too cautious she sent the contact to the commander calling in reinforcements before ordering the attack.

The Infiltrator squad lay down suppressing fire on the enemy X-launcher as Xiail watched one of the probes get crushed into oblivion, mining equipment or not she made a note to respect what those weapons could do. Infiltrator Kreel drew her attention to Boromite reinforcements, arriving much sooner than Xiail had expected. The reinforcements were armed with Mag Guns and were running to the cover of a patch of jungle. Xiail gave the order to fire, noted that the work gang seemed to trading shots with the AI X-launcher, who would have to hold their own until this flank was dealt with. The gang fighters were caught unawares by the massive volley of fire that cascaded into them, felling one and and causing the rest to bury their heads.

The sharp crackle of plasma and a scream from one of the Infiltrators announced the arrival of the Boromite Overseer to the battle. Infiltrator Kreel had taken the hit to her side, burning straight through her side. Kreel’s suit was already administering sedatives and medical aid, she’d survive but was definitely out of the fight. Turning back Xiail was relieved to see some reinforcements of her own. Commander Tara’kh’s squad came on hammering the Overseer’s squad with plasma fire killing one and destroying their spotter drone, as explosions from an X-launcher rained dirt on both squads.

The Infiltrators primed their solar charges and advanced on the Overseer’s squad, and watched amazed as the last Boromite in the squad leaped forward, shielding the Overseer from the worst of the blast. The Overseer held the shattered body of the ganger, a look of sudden rage taking over his face as he mourned the heroic passing of the names ganger. Inspired the gang fighters traded fire with the AI command squad trading one ganger for the Medi-drone, and once again they decided that taking cover might be more prudent.

On her feed Xiail noticed the rapid approach of the work gang, and looking over saw them unleash 3 vorpal charges. Eager to be as far away from the roiling balls of barely contained antimatter Xiail lead the infiltrators to charge the Overseer. The Overseer was quickly subdued with Solar charges, although one of the dangerous weapon had misfired taking the arm off of one of the infiltrators. Xiail’s combat feed showed her that the AI squad had arrived on the far flank and drawn away the work gang, assuring the Ai would take this flank, so long as the Vorpal charges that busily annihilated paths through the jungle didn’t turn towards them. As she thought this Xiail watched the in horror as a Vorpal charge moved strait towards the AI Command squad, who were pouring fire into the fighters dug into the undergrowth. At the last moment one of the bodyguards spotted the Vorpal charge and shoved the Commander clear as the bodyguard’s head, torso and and left arm were annihilated by the device.

The Commander was quick to recover and he and his surviving bodyguard rushed the 2 beleaguered gang fighters. Xiail looked on as the body uard was brought down by Mag fire before the two heavy set Boromites brought down the Commander. The infiltrators immediately unleashed a furious cavalcade of fire on the gang fighters who scurried back into the undergrowth, but the damage was done the commander lay there broken and unmoving. Rage overtaking her Xiail sprinted into the undergrowth, determined to get revenge for her Commander. Mag rounds blazed in that patch of jungle, bloddied te infiltrators came back out their work done. Checking her feed Xiail saw that the AI squad, battered though it was had held the flank, and the Boromites were in full retreat. Gathering their wounded and leaving a small guard until they could be evacuated Xiail pressed her forces on, sending the call for reinforcement once again.


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