Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Rock Men Down

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Boromite

K’al Xon’s strike team was able to link up with scouts he had sent ahead of his landing party. As they made their way to the Algoryn landing zone, his scouts reported a Boromite force exploring at a river ahead. The Boromites had also detected the isorians, and had holed up behind any cover they could.

Scenario: Let Battle Begin!

I won deployment, and chose a side that had two blocking forests, and a good firing angle on most of the field. My phase squads and command squad hid behind the forests, mostly in the middle of the table, knowing that the biggest risk was Boromites rushing down the center. My X-Launcher deployed with a view of the field, and my light support drones hung out hovering on the river, able to support either side.

Chris had not played in a while, and instead deployed a fair bit on the right flank, which would let me deal with some of his forces a bit more piecemeal. The light cover on the table meant that we both had units in the open from the start.

Turn 1, I drew first die, and my command squad advanced, and had the X-launcher and two phase squads advance with it. I was able to get 3 pins on his light support drone and force it to go down. The Gang Fighters advanced behind a hedge and opened fire. The boromite command squad advanced into the forest, a decision that would slow them for several turns. The rest of the Boromites advanced fast. The mass compactor units both sprinted around their cover, up behind the hedge, and tired themselves. The Lavamites rapidly sprinted around the mag light support, and into the center. They also tired themselves.

Turn 2, the mag light support was unable to shake its down order. I again drew the early die, and had my support drones try to shoot the lavamites. The lavamites fled for cover, and ran (rapid sprint) way back behind the forest (gained another pin). With the remainder of my central units, I was able to focus fire on the front mass compactor unit, and kill it. The right-hand gang fighters and phase squad exchanged fire, with the phase squad going down to the return fire. The boromite command squad slowly advanced through the forest, and put pressure on the isorians.

Turn 3, my phase squad and the mag light support both failed to shake down. It was at this point that the boromites realised they needed to close distance with the isorians. I advanced a phase squad into the open to put more pressure forward (otherwise it was behind the forest or behind the hedge). I can’t remember the order things happened here, but by the end of the turn, the gang fighters and lavamites had sprint (both full strength at this point). The mass compactors, also still at full strength, advanced supporting the lavamites – they opened fire on the open Isorians who attempted to fire fight, but rolled a 10 and took 2 (+1 for the boromite shooting) pins.

Turn 4, the mag light support finally shook its pins. The light support drones shot at the boromite gang fighters, who sprinted forward and around the forest from them, leaving the drones confused and shooting the air. The right-hand phase squad opened fire with scatter shots, removing several boromites. The lavamites attempted to charge the open Isorian Phase Squad, but failed to activate. Isorian fire was able to reduce the mass compactors and the lavamites to a single model (a leader and a lavamite). The boromite command squad passed their agility test, and was able to move up and support the remaining few models. The open Isorians had 6 pins on them and were down at the end of the turn.

Turn 5, lavamites shake their down, activate, and charge the open Isorians, killing them and taking no damage. The gang fighters charged the phase squad in the forest. In a brilliant display of defensive fire, two of five boromites were felled with opening fire. Still a lectro lash had the boromites in good position. Somehow, the phase squad made 4 saves (2 with SV1), and caused 1 wound on the boromites, just enough to win combat. They advanced and tried to shoot the last two boromites, killing the last basic troop, but failing to kill the leader.

The boromite command squad was able to advance forward and block any shots on the final mass compactor model. The central phase squad was able to kill the last lavamite, but the isorians were unable to hurt the boromite command squad.

Turn 6, the isorians cleaned up the leader of the gang fighters (light support drones made short work). No more units were killed.

End game, Isorians were not able to close the deal and get the major win.


K’Al Xon kept his gun trained forward, but the Boromites had fled…he sent out spotter drones to establish a perimeter while his medi drones could survey the damage to his troops. His mission was crucial, but he could not afford too many open fire fights like this as his reinforcements were limited. Regardless, he was now near the Algoryn landing zone with time to spare. If he could press the attack, he could raid any landed Algoryn or C3 forces before they received reinforcements.


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  • Karyle says:

    Very interesting looking terrain! I’m jealous!

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Good long report with loads of pictures.

  • Tvayumat says:

    Emergency! Giant babies sighted on Xilos!

  • KiltedTech says:

    Excellent report! I see your little one likes to redeploy the troops, too. 🙂

  • Hey Yella says:

    Nice write up, that must have taken a long time to put together. My pictures do the same thing so don’t worry about it!

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    I hope your daughter enjoyed the game as well. She may have enjoyed the scenery along the riverbank.

  • TWSJosh says:

    Great work! Victory to the Sentax of Isori!

  • Dropshort says:

    Nice report, I had the same issue with the pictures been in reverse order for my first few reports (not this BoW campaign…yet). Trick is to select them in reverse order when you add them to your report.

  • decker_cky says:

    NOTE: The images are in reverse order. Some aren’t great shots as I had to manage my daughter while playing the game. 😛