Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Isorian Victory!

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Freeborn
Chris N

Huge Tsan Ra alien warriors still made the battle hardened Isorains uneasy. Clambering across the battlefield with their strange movements the tsan ra proved quickly to be a useful ally. The isorians encountered a freeborn scouting force near the ancient builders ruin. Their orders were clear, eliminate any threat to the isorian prime objective. The tsan ra were the first to encounter the enemy, striking fear into the freeborn squads. The aliens fired their plasma duocard weapons, the freeborn warriors armor was no match for the strange new weapons. Proud freeborn would not give up with out a fight. They targeted the large alien warriors with all their fire power taking down all three of the beasts. The commander used the follow order to advance and fire on the isorian phase squad, killing them all. The isorian command was the only remaining squad, they would have to take control of the battle from the dense forest terrain. They were able to take out the remaining freeborn warriors while being safely dug into their fortified position. The isorians would win the battle and secure the ruins, but they suffered severe losses. Time was running out on the planet xilos, the isorian prime objective must be completed. Failure would not be tolerated!


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