Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ambush on the Xilon Tundra

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VS Freeborn

Concord Combined Command Strike force Epsilon dropped from orbit above Xilos to secure a Freeborn force that secured a landing site. The Freeborn used an opening in the Ghar security shield to establish a landing zone. C3 Strike Squad Epsilon was tasked with destroying the generator station to deny the Freeborn a foothold on Xilos.
As the drop pods entered the atmosphere anti aircraft fire destroyed a C3 pod. Two other pods were off target and delayed.
Strike Squad Sarpan was able to gain the drop site and met heavy resistance from the dug in Freeborn. The prescience of X-launcher teams was unexpected.
Squad Perry having fallen off course entered the firefight as a Freebirn squad attempted to flank Swuad Sarpan. After a fierce exchange of fire the Freebirn squad was nuetralized. A C3 light drone came in on the left flank but was unable to engage.
Meeting heavy resistance from Freeborn gun teams both squads retreated back into the tundra to reassess the situation and secure an alternate landing site.


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