Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Digging Our Own Grave

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VS Concord

The Algoryn high command ordered Commander Muggins to dig underground near a location scouts had identified as a possible relic burial site. He brought his close combat fighters along, just in case things got dirty. It was to be a long day for the Algoryn forces as they fought an unexpected foe.

It was clear that the Concord high command had also sent a small force of drones and strike squads to search for relics. This force included a new type of enemy that the Algoryn commander hadn’t seen before – a subverter matrix drone.

The tunnels and caverns limited the fields of fire for the Algoryn and Concord troops, but did not limit the radio technology of the matrix drone. Turn after turn the Algoryn squads suffered paralysis from the matrix, without a chance to retaliate since the drone was out of sight.

The Algoryn commander pushed his assault squads into the fray and the Algoryn were able to severely hamper one drone and wiped out a strike squad, but after that the combat fatigue combined with the subverter matrix made it very hard for the Algoryn to do anything. At one point a small assault squad had made its way up a flank to try to secure the rear of the Concord force, but a single drone was able to wipe out that squad – an unlucky draw for the Algoryn.

At the end of the day the Concord held three caverns with relics in them to the Algoryn one. The Algoryn force retreated through the tunnels, defeated.

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