Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Defending the Slave Pits

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VS Concord

After the previous battle where the Algoryn had defeated the Concord in the tunnels beneath Xilos, they had taken my captives and force marched them to the Algoryn HQ for internment in the slave pits that the Ghar had evacuated recently.

The Concord launched a rescue mission, as opposed to a diplomatic mission to retrieve these prisoners, due to the relatively huge need for troopers while the battle on Xilos raged. They sent a mixed strike force of troops and drones, including one of the C3M4 drones recently received on Xilos.

The Algoryn didn’t fare well in the first turn – losing both their Plasma Cannon and Light Mag Support to plasma fire from the drones and strike squads. This would hamper their ability to defend the pits as they had to focus on assaults against the large drone hovertank.

The infiltrator squad had forward deployed and made excellent use of Solar Charges, pinning the M4 drone. The assault squads came on the field and moved up, but where not enough to save the Algoryn prison area. The strike squads broken free by the Concord troops helped level even more firepower against the Algoryn forces.

At one point the Concord did manage to free a Gulper by accident… they were certainly scared but the Gulper first went after Algoryn troopers, slaying an entire assault squad. After that, the Gulper tunneled straight into a Concord strike squad, but the disciplined plasma fire coordinated by the leader felled the giant beast!

After that, the Algoryn were fighting a losing battle. They were heavily outnumbered and had to retreat. The prisoners could be given back to the Concord forces in a show of good faith – at least that’s what the HQ told its subordinates.


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