Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Exploring the Builder Ruins

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VS Concord

Despite a heavy Ghar presence on Xilos, forces from the Algoryn, Freeborn, and Concord were dispatched to localized area X-517 to search for Builder Relics. Upon arrival, the Algoryn and Freeborn made a pact after scouting a very large Concord force. Both sides wanted to collect as many relics as possible to help further their cause, and didn’t really care about the localized repercussions – they were confident the Ghar presented such a threat that a larger war wouldn’t break out.

We played this mission a little differently than it was written. There were no Ghar on the field, so each side chose a corner and set up there. We did put down the relics (8 of them) and then each commander took it in turn to put their units on the field. Units could start on the board up to one move in.

Then the Algoryn Infiltrators took their run move and planted a mine, which I thought was really cool. The battle itself we detailed in the YouTube link attached. Some of the major things that came out of the game that we took note of:

*Slingnet ammo is pretty great! Pinning out small units can be a lot easier with it.
*Net ammo again is pretty great – two turns to pin out a unit using it is well worth it.
*Concord drop troopers are really cool, with their 10 inch advance and shoot, and all of them have x-slings!
*The C3M4 drone is a boss – it is really hard to kill
*This was the first game that we really used anti-tank weaponry. I was hoping to use mine on the light drones but didn’t get a shot off, so it was used on troopers. It is nice to get that one confirmed kill though
*Bike troops were used on both sides, and they were very fast. The Freeborn have the potential to put out a lot of shots while the Concord are great at taking down armored targets
*Picking up a relic is cool, but when you realize you want to take that unit off the board – then you can’t use them for stuff! It is definitely a strategic decision
*We rolled up the relics after the battle – needless to say the one where you can discount one hit on every model is pretty bonkers!

Check out the YouTube video for a full report.


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