Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Fatal Error

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

In what started as a tactical build up, ended up one sided due to a fatal and costly mistake. The first two turns were spent maneuvering around each other without actually firing. It was a very tactical build up. On turn 3, things kicked up a notch. After an Algoryn run attempt to flank a Concord unit, a hidden Concord unit appeared from behind some terrain that was overlooked and the Algoryn were fired upon immediately. After going down to a single soldier and surviving 3 break tests, that unit finally went down and the reinforcements came in to try and capitalize on the newly exposed unit. However, fate had different plans as they lost that firefight and the Concord suddenly found themselves ahead two units in turn 4.

Running out of options and turns, the Algoryn sent their few units left into the open to try and lure out the Concord, but found themselves outmanned soon enough, outgunned. The rest of the game was spent trying to fire upon each other to take each other out, but unfortunately, the Algoryn lost that fight and only had one unit left upon the end of the final turn.


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  • Karyle says:

    Really loving those pictures

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Sounded like a good game. Fun for both of you and i’m sure you wont make the same mistake again and will look around the table and keep an eye on where people are 🙂

  • Tvayumat says:

    Errr… XILOS!

    Whatever, you know what I mean.

  • Tvayumat says:


  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Bad news for the Algoryns. Nice scenery.

  • Cthorn85 says:

    It would and should have been a much much closer game. But at higher point a single unit won’t mean as much. However these small games help teach patience, strategy, luck, and tactics. We shall meet again and I feel the Algoryn will be a tougher foe!