Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Chance encounter

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VS Algoryn

Deployment was as follows,
Feral unit on the right behind some heavy forest,
Command Unit beside them taking a central position allowing me to make good use of follow me
a unit of domari beside them
x launcher taking the centre of the table as it needed line of sight
mag light support also taking centre but next to some hard cover to prevent flanks
another domari squad beside them

The algoryn deployment was a command squad far left
an Ai squad to their
to the right of them an x-launcher
another AI squad

Turn One:
Algoryn seizing the initiative advanced forth With the right most algoryn sqaud taking cover in the nearby heavy cover and firing upon my command squad from their advantageous position, Succeeding to put a pin on my command and kill one of her body guards.

With swift revenge my mag light support and my xlauncher poured some return fire into the tree’s.
My ferals then advanced into the nearby forest and also joined the return fire causing further pins and mayhem.

The algoryn then advanced their x-launcher to a more advantageous position in which to bomb me.

My commander passing her command check then declared a with me with her nearby domari, both advancing ino their nearby terrain.
The command team firing upon the already pinned argoryn in hopes to force them down.
The domari taking a different target started putting some pins on the x-launcher in an attempt to quell the inevitable heavy support.

my left most domari squad ran up the field in hopes for a better position.
the remaining algoryn the ran into position with the remaining forces.

Turn 2:
Freeborn steal the initiative, firing the x-launcher in hopes to force the algoryn in the forest to right to flee. but sadly missing.
Then in a swift manoeuvre my commander commands the domari and the ferals to join her in action.
The domari fired upon the x-launcher again in hopes to add further pins and cause them to be ineffective.
The Ferals and command then layed down some fire upon the pinned unit, finally forcing them down with a bad command check,
My leftmost domari squad sprinted up to get some cover getting exhausted in the process, mag light support attempting a fire at the nearly wiped out algoryn squad missing.

Finally the algoryn drew a dice, allowing him to attempt to fire their x-launcher, failing the order check with a 10 (unlucky) so down they went,
The Ai command ran further up the left hand side of the field to flank my weapon teams whilst his other ai squad ran up into position to set upon my domari.

Turn 3:
Freeborn drew the first order, with a follow me order the ferals and nearby domari received the fire order,
This time the domari joined in the action against the pinned unit, routing them out (down units are really difficult to shoot out of anywhere)
The flanking ai squad then countered with an advance firing upon one of my domari squads of which I immediately ordered down, the algoryn command continued their run across into position,
So I placed my mag support into ambush ready for them to appear.
Turn 4:
Freeborn x-launcher decides to fire at the algoryn launcher, failing, my domari now flanked refused to move putting them back down, my command then advanced and loosed some long shots at the x-launcher killing one of the guns members, Ferals joined with the advance but with no target forgo their shooting,
The algoryn command then finally moved into position with an advance order,
My mag support then opened fire, but with having to turn the penalties caused the shots to be ineffective.
Turn 5:
Algoryn steal the initiative, advancing his remaining ai squad the moved them forward placing more shots upon my domari.
my xlauncher then fired at the now visible ai squad causing some pins, command and ferals ran forth in the hopes to get closer to the fight,
The domari squad advanced and took some pot shots at the ai squad causing no further wounds.


At this point neither side capable of a clear victory causing a draw


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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