Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Rumble in the Jungle, Or, A cautionary tale about Net Ammunition

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VS Isorian

The fight for Xilos has brought many variables into play, and even with the incredibly complex and intelligent system that is the Isorian Imtel, mistakes are made and unexpected events occur. Such is the case here, when an Isorian landing force, led by Commander Yen Xalos, came under attack by the savage Ghar, not long after they made planetfall. Though the vicious and brutish attackers were defeated, the dangerous and ill-understood effects of the disruptor weaponry use by the technological savages caused this particular Shard to become incompatible with the Imtel nanosphere of the other Isorian forces on the planet, effectively becoming a rogue faction, though not by any choice of their own. After detecting what appeared to be enemy forces close to their position, the Commander set and ambush for them, though unbeknowst to him, it was another Isorian scouting force, though one with a properly functioning Imtel nanosphere.

What should have been a cut and dry, by the book ambush took a turn for the worse as the support weaponry brought to bear by the enemy force was exceedingly accurate and effective, pinning down whatever it deigned to fire at, though not causing any casualties. The Phase Sniper had a hard time of it, the strange technology powering their massive rifle not wishing to cooperate, though what shots did get fired were very accurate and punched holes through the helmets and breastplates of the opposing Phase Troopers. Due to the dense forest terrain, and a lull in the battle allowing the enemy forces time to regroup and formulate a proper response, stopping any attempt to advance, Commander Yen issued the order for a tactical retreat, so as to preserve full fighting strength for more important engagements.
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