Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

First battle

View Linked Report - Click Here Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord
Del S

Phase 1: Ghar Assault Team runs with 1st order, then advance and fire on Concord Strike Charlie, miss all shots. Charlie advance and shoot Assault, no damage caused but 1 pin inflicted. Bravo advance, add another pin to Assault. Disruptor dice Downs Ghar Battle Team. Battle squad advance on next order, kill 1 member of Bravo. Alpha and Delta move up but are out of range.

Phase 2: Battle Squad burns out Plasma Amp. Bravo advance but misses shots on Battle Squad. Battle squad advance and kill 3 members of Bravo including a drone. Bravo passes moral test. Charlie hits and pins Assault squad but still does no damage, Disruptor downs Assault. Alpha advances and adds another pin to Assault, Delta pins Battle. Assault Team advances and shoots Charlie, kills 1, pins them and puts them Down

Phase 3: Alpha engages Assault in Firefight, 2 Concord killed, 1 pin added, Assault gains a pin, Alpha downed. Assault kills 1 member of Charlie, downs them and adds a pin. Battle fails order. Delta hits Assault for an added pin.

Phase 4: Alpha and Charlie remain down. Delta add pin to Battle. Assault advance on Delta, Kill 1, pin them, force them down. Assault charges Bravo, kills 1. Battle fails order.

Phase 5: Battle pass order, fire on Delta who react with firefight, kill 3, take one pin by return fire. Charlie fails order. Alpha downed by Disruptor. Assault wipe Bravo, charge Charlie, kill 2. Charlie fails test and is wiped.

Phase 6: Alpha firefight Assault, 1 pin each. Battle fires on Alpha, adds pin. Delta miss, last order for Assault team disruptor diced.

Game ends, Ghar win.

Ghar Empire

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