Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

This is why I have Outcasts now...

View Linked Report - Click Here Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord
Del S

Phase One:
Ghar Assault Squad ran forward. Concord Support Drones advanced and fired upon Assault Squad inflicting a pin but their leader passed re-roll save. Assault passed order test, advanced and fired on Strike squad Alpha, killing 1 and forcing the unit to go down. Strike team Bravo advanced and fired on the Assault squad to add another pin. Battle advanced on Strike squad Charlie, killed one, adding a pin. Charlie passed their command check, advanced and hit Assault squad for for a third pin. The Battle squad was disrupted.
Phase Two:
Alpha and Battle recover their down dice. Assault fails order check and goes down. Drones advance and fire on Assault, leader saves via re-roll. Assault fails second order. Battle squad advances and fires on Charlie, leader makes re-roll. Charlie advance, their shots killing 1 Assault Squad member, causing the rest to fail their break test and be wiped out. Battle squad fires on Charlie, killing 1 trooper.
Phase Three:
Alpha disrupted by holdover dice from last phase. Battle advanced and fire on Support Drones with concentrated beams, all miss. Battle squad then fire on drones with second order in dispersed mode, wipeing them out. Charlie fire on and add pin to Battle. Bravo disrupted by this phase’s dice.
Phase Four:
All Down dice recovered but the Battle squad’s Plasma Amp burns out, then they fail their order check. Charlie shoots at and adds a pin to battle squad, Bravo adds a pin after the battle squad leader re-rolls a failed resist. Alpha disrupted.
Phase Five:
Alpha fails to recover down, Battle succeeds. Charlie adds pin to Battle squad. Battle squad reacts to Bravo’s fire order, kills 4 and takes a pin, but Bravo fails break test after losses and are wiped out.
Phase Six:
-Alpha disrupted by holdover. Battle disrupted. Charlie adds a pin to Battle squad taking them to 6
D6 roll passes for a further turn
Phase 7:
All downs recovered. Battle fails order. Charlie pins Battle, Alpha scores a single hit to ad the pin to wipe Battle squad out.
Concord Win.

Del S

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