Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Outcasts make good cannon fodder

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord
Del S

Phase 1
Kai lek runs his squad forward, Battle Squad Krem advances and fires on Kai. Kai saves but his plasma lance gunner is killed. Assault Squad Baysh runs forward. Drones advance and shoot assault squad, causing no damage. Outcasts advance and fire at drones, missing entirely . Strike squad Alpha caught a disrupt dice. Assault squad advances on its plasma amp to fire on drones, destroying one of them, Battle Squad Dosh run up side. Strike squad Charlie run to a better possition, Bravo advance and inflict a pin on the assault squad

Phase 2
Drones fire and add a pin to the assault squad, outcasts advance and shoot drones scoring a few hits but no damage. Charlie shoot outcasts, killing their leader. Kai advance, his squads shots miss the assault squad. Bravo advance and rapid fire to no effect. Assault disrupted, Assault advance on plasma amp and shoot at kai but miss completely. Alpha advance and shoots assault squad, killing the leader with the lance hit but causing no other damage. Battle squad Dosh advance and shoot charlie, killing their lance and a trooper. Krem advance and fire on drones, but all shots miss.

Phase 3
Assault charge kai who choses to stand and shoot to no effect. Assault sees three hits but all saved by resist rolls. Drawn assault. Neither side break, Ghar follow on attacks kill a trooper, concord pass break test. Outcasts fail test and go down. Drones fail test. Alpha firefight Assault squad, Alpha lose one man, and both squads take a pin each. Dosh fire on charlie, who fail all saves and are destroyed. Bravo take the disruptor dice, Krem advance and fire on drones, destroy spotter and a gun drone.

Phase 4
Alpha fails to recover down, Outcasts advance and shoot kai, adding a pin. Dosh advance and fire on Bravo , killing two troopers. The last Drone adds a pin to the assault squad. Assault rally, removing all pins. Kai advances and kills 1 outcast. Bravo fire, killing another outcast. Assault charge kai, killing a trooper and wounding kai, follow on sees kai fail break test. Krem advance and kill a trooper and the lance from alpha.

Phase 5
Bravo take the disruptor dice from last phase, The Drone kills 2 outcasts. Outcasts take the disrupt dice from this turn . Assault advance and shoot bravo, adding a pin. Krem fires on Alpha and wipes them out. Dosh advance and fire on Drone, destroying it. Assault charge Bravo, killing a trooper but they do not break, follow on combat kills one more, causing them to fail their break check, ghar win via clearing table

Ghar Empire

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