Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Algoryn Vicotry on Xilos!

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VS Algoryn

The Algoryn probe shards were scanning the surface of the alien planet when the Isorian skirmish force ambushed. The Algoryn commander and medic were quick to give orders and get their men into position. The Isorians thought the element of surprise would gain them the upperhand, they were wrong. The x launcher rained overhead fire as the Algoryn advanced quickly all the while shooting the plasma carbines rapid fire mode catching the Isorians in a hail of deadly fire. The Isorians fought back though using the dense forest terrain of the alien planet Xilos to increase their survivability, concentrated fire caused an Alogryn squad to lose their nerve and break. In the end it wasn’t enough, the Algoryn would win the day. The Isorians who had great hopes of victory on this new alien planet were to be slaughtered to the man by the new barbarian enemy. The Algoryns however were quick to relay their report of this battle to the high command, they knew this would not be the last time they would fight the Isorians,


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