Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Algoryn Victory!

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VS Algoryn

The Algoryn targeter probes rushed forward into the Isorian phase sqauds. Almost immediately the Isorians came under fire. They were not ready for the ambush and started to take casualties immediately. The x launcher kept the overhead fire coming and took out a squad of Isorians. The isorians fired back with their plasma carbines and lances, they were able to drop two of the crew from the x launcher. The Algoryn commander used the follow rule turn after turn to keep the army moving forward and firing as one. The heavy firepower was too much for the Isorians to handle and the dense forest terrain they took cover in was no help. Isorian warriors started to fall more and more, all the while the Algoryn pressed the attack forward clearing the battlefield of Isorians. The Algoryn skirmish force was tested but never broke their commander stood strong in the heat of battle. The Isorians will regroup to fight another day.


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