Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

A Feast for the Creatures of Xilos!

View Linked Report - Click Here Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Algoryn

An Algoryn skirmish force on patrol in the cliffs of Xilos could not have known the fate that was waiting for them just below the surface. Reports of an Isorian recon team working on an ancient teleporting device brought the Algoryns to this location. High in the center of the landscape was the telepad, the buzzing of large energy crystals could be heard, this is what must have been powering the giant pad in the past. The Algoryn command instantly recognized the tactical importance of this device and the pad had to be acquired at any cost. The Isorians were not ready to give up the device so soon and were prepared to defend it. The Algoryn skimmers flew over the terrain right into the ambush of an Isorian phase sniper, the sniper shot down a skimmer and awaited the return salvo. This never came, the sniper gained initiative right away and shot the other two skimmers down. This is when the beats of Xilos made themselves known. A drummer sprang out of the ground and attacked the Algoryns, they were quick to respond and cut down the beast in melee. No loses were suffered but that was just the beginning. Right away a huge brightly colored gulper came out of the ground and descended on the same Algoryns, this time they were not ready and the gulper feasted on the entire squad in close combat. The Isorians meanwhile were pressing the flank and shooting their plasma carbines with great accuracy, the command squad took out the plasma support team in just one salvo. Things were not looking good for the Algoryns, controlling the telepad which was the main objective was now all but unachievable. Again out of nowhere the snappers came form the same terrain feature assaulting the pinned Algoryns who sustained heavy casualties they failed to hold their nerve and ran. The beasts of Xilos ate well on the sweet alien flesh, they were the real winners of the battle the Isorians just kept pressing forward. The mission was a failure for Algoryn the few soldiers who made it back told the tales of beats coming out of the sand with no warning. The Isorians would hold this extremely important ancient device for now but it wont be long before another attack begins.


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