Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Creature of Xilos Ate Well!

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Algoryn

The Isorian scouting force was heading back to their headquarters to give their report of the builders ruin. The air was heavy with the smell of rotten bubbling acid swamps, the soldiers were about a half day from base and already thinking of rest. That’s when they saw them, Algoryn scouts It was a chance encounter, the weary Isorians didn’t want a fight but knew that’s what they were in for. Algoryns pressed the left flank quickly wrapping around the cliffs and dense forests. The Isorians had much more difficulty navigating the unfamiliar jungle terrain, they would soon find out the terrain and Algoryns were the least of their worries. A Xilos drummer came out of the forest and charged the pinned Isorian phase squad. The warriors were able to take the creature out with minimal casualties. Immediatley a strange gulper came up from underground eating three Isorians before a lucky melee attack was able to kill the beast. It was becoming clear the creatures of Xilos were hungry for alien flesh. The Algoryn warriors held their formation and kept pressing the left flank, their leader using the follow special rule to keep his troops on the move. A squad of Isorians were able to break through on the right flank, but the others did not fare as well. A giant brightly colored gulper came out of the bubbling acid swamp and ate the majority of the command squad, the surviors ran for their lives. The gulper was not done feasting it would continue to pursue Isorians. Another squad was assaulted, squad members being eating by all three mouths. The Isorians lost their nerve in the face of such a beast and ran never to be seen again! The Algoryns would get through the battle almost unharmed, all but one squad retured to their headquarters on Xilos. It was a heavy loss for the Isorians they can not afford such horrific casualties. Its becoming clear the danger on Xilos is below the surface.


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