Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Hold The Tunnel Entrance!

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Algoryn

The Isorian commanders received intel of a large tunnel entrance being held by Algoryns is their sector. This was intolerable to the Isorian High command and a skirmish force was sent to take the position. The Algoryns had expected an attack and reinforced the defensive position. As the Isorians worked their way through the dense jungle terrain they came under attack from the fast moving skimmers. Twin mag repeaters ripped through the senatex armor dropping Isorian warriors and pinning the rest of the squad. The other Isorian squads were also quickly targeted by assault troopers cutting down anyone who stood in their way. Isorians expected to have the element of surprise and were not prepared to face an enemy that was so dug in. Salvo after salvo poured out of the tunnel entrance as more Algoryns now reached the surface and joined the fight. The Isorian warriors bravely pushed forward towards certain death. It was clear at this point the Algoryn would hold the very important geographical location. They would be able to continue their quest to find the builder ruins, while the Isorians would have to regroup and attack again. Isorian high command was furious at the outcome of the battle, this could not be tolerated.


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