Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Disastrous Drop - or - How not to invade a planet

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord

The Concord Commander had a disastrous drop, losing 60% of his force before they even landed. Destroyed before landing were two 5 man strike squads, an X-Launcher and crew, and a NuHu Mandarin with a lot of drones!
Out of those drop capsules that made it past the planetary defences, only one landed on target. A 5 man strike squad. The other three – a strike squad, two light support drones, a shard of targeter probes – overshot and would be late in joining the battle.
Ghar outcasts surrounded the quantum gravity generator, expecting trouble. A battle squad patrolled the jungle nearby, waiting for the troops that overshot to arrive.
The Concord never really stood a chance. Unable to get any infantry near the generator, an assault squad of Ghar battle suits arriving on the third turn tore through one strike squad as a battle squad shot the other to bits. The light support drones picked off a few Ghar but it was a token gesture. With no infantry left to take the objective, the Concord drop was considered a disaster by all except the IMTel, which recorded it as ‘a tactical and acceptable loss of casualties to ascertain the enemy’s forces’.

It seems the IMTel can make mistakes after all.

Ghar Empire

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