Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Reinforce the Position

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Ghar Empire
VS Algoryn

The Ghar Commander, Diffra, engaged in battle with the Algoryn commanded by Draegor in some hilly terrain with interesting bits of ruin to explore. Diffra sent his Battle Squad and outcast units in to scout the field while he maneuvered into place for a flanking action. Both teams made running advances at first, as no combatant could gain LOS to an enemy unit. Powering up their amplifiers, Diffra showed the Algoryn why he is called “Lawnmower,” while his battlesuits brought the pain on their own (and remained amped until the end of the game!). The Outcasts proved their usual lack of mettle and ran away after being assaulted, and one Battlesuit was damaged beyond use, but otherwise the Ghar remained unscathed, while the Algoryn were all but routed.

Ghar Empire

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