Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Relic Snatch

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Algoryn

A Ghar force was spotted approaching a builder ruin. Algoryn and Boromite forces were close by, so both were sent in to explore the ruins before the Ghar could destroy any artifacts. The sight of assault suits bearing down on them was unnerving, but the Boromites and Algoryn troops focused on their mission. The Ghar started off strong and almost wiped out a work gang, but the gang leader managed to scoop up an artifact and duck and weave himself off of the board. A group of fighters quickly followed with a second artifact. A third artifact was picked up, but that work gang came under fire from the Ghar’s disruptor cannons and was pinned down. Meanwhile, another assault squad approached in the Boromites rear. A work gang unleashed two vorpal charges to destroy two of the suits. The remaining battle suit was gunned down by the overseer squad. The gang with the artifact saw a break and made a run for it. They got themselves into a protected position and waited for another opportunity. With the flanking assault suits destroyed, the work gang made their break and scurried away. The Algoryn were also starting to pull out of the area, having picked up two artifacts for themselves. The Boromites pulled out the rest of their units, with the Overseer Squad covering the rear. It was a well executed operation with surprisingly light casualties. The Ghar seemed to be having trouble coordinating their movements. Sattelite scans of the battle would later reveal that a large unit of outcasts failed to find the battlefield in time to engage anyone.


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