Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Tunnel Rats

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Algoryn

Another complex of Builder Ruins has been successfully discovered. It was a near thing at first. As the mining team breached the complex they discovered that an Algoryn team had broken into the next room of the complex just moments before. Fortunately the narrow hallways prevented the Algoryn from delivering a full volume of fire and the Gang Fighters deployed to defend the central room they had breached. Both sides called up reinforcements and a nasty firefight brewed up. Despite a heavy fire, the Algoryn medic drones and Boromite stubborness kept casualties light. That changed when the Work Gang came up and released two vorpal charges into the Algoryn. Shouts of alarm and pain rang out as the two charges suddenly appeared through the walls and blasted through their ranks. The Algoryn broke another tunnel into the central room, but the squad was not able to break out of the tunnel. The Boromites also counter mined. The Algoryn heard the tunnel being dug and sent a squad to intercept. The Boromite team in the countermine was a small force and the Algoryn squad wiped it out, but that squad was otherwise ineffective for the rest of the battle. The main Algoryn force was being whittled down, so their commander launched an assault. It drove the Boromite Work Gang back, but did not destroy it. The Boromites absorbed the damage, but the Algoryn coult not afford the losses they suffered in this successful attack. The Algoryn fought hard and tried to bring up the squad from the countermine, but it was to late. By the time the squad arrived it had been ripped through by one of the vorpal charges and the remaining two were gunned down or surrendered.


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