Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Role Reversal

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Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt
VS Algoryn

So after the previous game was a clear no go. We started again and decided to play with me being the attacker.
It started well as my strategy of instead of picking numbers on the dice, I decided to just roll them behind my hand. This seemed to work really really well as only 1 of my drops was shot down and this was a Defence Drone. I had a few in the mid ground, but most of them had rolled low.
Once again I pushed my luck with this tactic and did the same again. This time 4 things were shot out of the air, a Blackguard squad, 2 Disruptor Cannons & a Support Drone.
Most of the pods were in striking distance of the ground now. The Scutters landed exactly where they needed to, but most of the other pods were shot down, leaving an overshot of a Blackguard and Scutter unit and one unit of Blackguard joining the scutters landing close by.


The units that arrived to fight were going to have an uphill struggle. Without the leadership of the Command Suits they were in serious trouble. The Scutters left their pod and opened fire on the Plasma Cannon, killing it and all the crew with Disruption shots. The Black Guard who landed carefully stepped out from near the tree line in to the clearing and spotting a reflection of the sun off an Algoryn weapon in the woods opened fire, but in doing so drew fire on themselves. No causalities from either side but they were shaken up. The Algoryn X-Launcher fired a net towards the scutters, but from it’s already elevated position, the wind caught it and it drifted off harmlessly.
The Scutters were now taking heavy fire having been hit by a net and a unit of Algoryn who had emerged from the northern treeline. This forced them to go down. The Black Guard and the Algoryn to the west were still caught up in a fire fight, but the Black Guard seeing the objective within reach made a dash for the generator and started to place charges on it. This however was not enough. A unit of Blackguard appeared to the north behind one of the units that had been focusing on the scutters and shot them killing one man, but this did not deter them from continue to lay down fire in to the vulnerable suits.
Trying to recover from having gone down the scutters systems went haywire (rolled a 10 on trying to rally) and they found themselves unable to act. With another net launching towards them and again being slightly off target, but not by enough to miss, this significantly damaged the whole suit (then rolled a 10 on a break test right). Algoryn reinforcements showed up at the North East flank and proceeded to cripple the Black Guard unit that had tried to take advantage sneaking behind the Northern Algoryn. This was however no deterrence and soon after the Algoryn had forced the Ghar to retreat, leaving the objective intact.


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