Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Baconium Conundrum

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VS Algoryn

In this report the Boromites of the J.M.C. (Jovian Mineral Consortium) have an unexpected encounter with a patrol of Algoryn. In steadfast rocky style they shall let none pass and so shenanigans doth ensue.

I’ve added numbers to my pictures this time round as they seemed to end up in a random order last time. I also apologise in advance for the video but under the circumstances I thought it appropriate.

Our scene opens upon an outlying area of Sector 2. Industrial scaffolds and small buildings have been erected in the area in preparation for later building projects to consolidate Algoryn positions. The Boromites, assuming them to be deserted, decide to take a short cut back to their enclave.

All seems to be going well until the micromite scouts pipe up with an early warning of possible hostiles approaching. One of the Miner gangs decides to take a closer look and jogs forward for a better look. Meanwhile one of the little mites finds something interesting in the dust, an An algoryn mine left to discourage trespassers such as these. Despite determinedly bouncing up and down on the mine, the little fella just wasn’t beefy enough to set it off so it decided to scuttle off to find something more interesting to play with.

Meanwhile the Miners started to come under heavy net fire from the hidden Algoryn positions. Protected by the sturdy stanchions and equally sturdy hides, they took it in their stride and stoically weathered the storm. It was then that Guildess Arran Gestalin made her entrance. Decreeing that none should bar her way, she directed her gun drones to fire upon a squad of Infiltrators who were trying to look inconspicuous in a nearby building. The unlucky Algoryn were torn apart by the determined fusliade of plasma fire, leaving only a handful of their unit left standing.

The Algoryn X-launcher, in an endeavour to slow down the rapidly encroaching Lavamite brood, attempted to lay down some suppressive fire only to discover their entire reserve of net shells was past its sell by date and utterly useless. All that was left for the Algoryn commander to do was direct his targetter drones to attach themselves to the Miners and Lavamites in the hopes that they would aid in his troop’s accuracy in the future.

Having gone at least twenty minutes since their last meal, the Lavamites were getting fractious. They smelled the charcoal scent of plasma cooked Algoryn and set off at full pelt towards the remnant of the Infiltrator squad. Their handler could barely keep pace on his suspensor platform as they scuttled across a full quarter of the field in search of munchies. Needless to say the only thing those unfortunate Algoryn would be infiltrating in future would be the inside of a Lavamite’s alimentary canal.

Back in the centre of the complex, the Miner’s sedimentary sniffer chimed in to report an interesting find, a vein of pure baconium! Guildess Gestalin was excitedly called over for a look as they proceeded to extract the valuable mineral. (What really happened is that both units failed their order test and went down for two turns in a row but that’s not very professional so I’m sticking with the baconium story…)

Completely enthralled by the task of digging out the precious baconium, Gestalin completely failed to notice a unit of Algoryn assault troopers bearing down on her position. The Algoryn, catching her unawares managed to stun the unfortunate Guildess, toppling her from her mount before she could react. They then regrouped into the dubious safety of the forest of industrial pylons.

With a savage glint in his eye, the Miner boss hefted a small round object. “This’ll teach you to pick on our lass.” he shouted as he bowled the sphere towards the Algoryn’s hiding place. As it neared their position the vorpal charge erupted into a roiling ball of anti-matter and plowed straight through the middle of the unit. Assault troops dived this way and that, trying desperately to avoid disintegration. The assault sergeant picked himself up off the ground to survey the devastated remains of his squad, noticing that the sole survivor was staring past his shoulder with a horrified look on his face. The sergeant turned to find himself staring down the barrel of a Boromite mass compactor, it was the last thing he ever saw.

Watching the Lavamites chew up another one of his squads from his position atop a nearby building, the Algoryn commander decided that it might be best to let the Boromites continue on their way. If only they’d asked nicely, he reflected, he’d probably have let them through in the first place. After all there was nothing but Ghar in that direction anyway…


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