Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Purge of the Corrupted

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

Scenario – Bridgehead
We have received disturbing IMtel reports that our fellow brothers in arms have been corrupted and we have orders to take back the Transmat Station and out down our “once” brothers.
We have 7 order dice to their 6.

TURN 1: The corrupted defenders deploy quickly to attempt to hold the Transmat Station. While my Forces blitz into action to intercept. We lock onto a hostile unit and open fire! They sustain heavy losses and fail a break test, removing a decisive order dice early on.

TURN 2: We gain 2 decisive order dice to gain a tactical advantage and start pinning his vial units. But through the grind of an intense firefight he destroyed one of my units and broke them creating a heartfelt loss for our fallen brothers!

Turn 3: The tide shifts clearly in our favor as 2 of his Support Drone units drastically fail hits on tens and effectively waste 2 of his badly need order dice providing my force with enough time to start focus fire on the units control the Transmat and begin force them to break and flee!

Turn 4: We are weeding out corrupted fows like infected crop!
We force our enemy out of Transmat and through reactions his units go down to survive! Time for my forces to speed across the field and decisively take our Transmat back once and for all!

Turn 5: Failing a command check our enemy is down 2 dice to our 5. We make a mad dash sprinting to the Now uncontested Transmat! Maneuvering our Support drones units to block sight lines and warp the enemies accuracy we can see victory in sight!

Turn 6: We get the First 2 order dice and run onto the Transmat and took control while Forcing down orders and firefights with his now fatigued and demoralized units. We successfully drove them back and take back what is ours! VICTORY! “Pics coming”


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