Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Transmat Triumph

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Concord
Erik Worthen

My Boromites were on the defensive as the C3 forces counter attacked to prevent the construction of a transmat station. A squad of gang fighters deployed into some ruined buildings, while another squad took up positions in an armored pod to guard the flank. My workers surrounded the transmat to work on clearing ground around it.

The initial C2 assault was led by two strike teams who came in on one narrow side of the board. Advancing and firing on the quad holed up in the ruins. Both incoming and return fire were largely ineffective. The nanites made a lot of progress on the transmat, while other Boromite units held their positions or went into ambush.

The subsequent turn saw a pair of plasma light support drones and a drop command squad enter from a wide edge. My lavamites attacked and decimated the drop squad, taking only minor damage from the support drones. The strike squad continued to advance against the gang fighters in the ruins. Annan Gestalin moved to support those fighters, while again the nanites made solid progress on the station.

The persistent onslaught of C3 was taking its toll by turn 3. The light support drones took out the lavamites in a series of precise hits. Several gang fighters were lost to the strike squads and the nanites made little progress.

Turn 4 saw another drop command squad use their grav chutes to land on the transmat station itself, while the strike squads continued their advance. Despite the close quarters the gang workers were unable to repel the drop squad while the support drones killed a couple of workers from behind. The nanites made better progress, leaving us within striking distance of completing the station.

The final turn saw everybody who could focus their fire on the drop command squad. The tough bastards held on though, inflicting severe casualties on the gang workers. They were unable to displace the workers and the nanites were finally able to complete the station, leading to a Boromite victory.


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