Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Encirclement at TMS-1138

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Crackling message sounded in the comms of the Ghar battlegroup Z-08, with the pitchy voice of the Outcast Tectorist: “Squad TS-04 reporting — enemy construction site spotted, directly west from our position”. Then the comms squealed and whooshed as the coordinates came slowly though. By High Commander Karg’s order Battlegroup Z-08 was patrolling the area for possible hostile landings. “All units move in!” barked Ghar commander Guszov to the comm. “Destroy everything in sight!”.

Allied force of Concord and Algoryn were readying the transmat station TMS-1138 to begin moving more desperately needed forces on Xilos. Fully aware of Ghar presence in the sector, IMTel had calculated optimal defensive position for the transmat and the kinetic barriers dropped to secure the surroundings.

C3 Support Team positioned on the eastern edge of the perimeter was first the report the sighting of Ghar Tectorists approaching. “We need to get the station operational fast!” yelled the Algoryn platoon leader Jam Oc. “Those things never wander far off from their kin. They’re going to here in minutes, and lot’s of them! Move!”.

And he wasn’t wrong. Within minutes in the dense jungle north and south of the perimeter points of glowing blue light emitted from the overcharged plasma reactors appeared, soon the be followed by the thumping sounds of Ghar disruptor fire hammering into the barriers protecting the construction site. The Algoryn had taken positions to defend the north side got engaged to a heavy firefight against two Ghar units. A third Ghar squad pushing straight towards the transmat found itself on a minefield set up by the Algoryn infiltrators, as an explosion sent one of the battle suits high into the air.

Under a rain of plasma carbine fire a Ghar Assault squad made it’s way to south positions occupied by the C3 forces. The Ghar ripped through their lines leaving only of the the strike troopers standing. Now exposed on the open, the Ghar squad came under combined fire from the Algoryn and the Concord forcing them down and pinning them heavily. Finally an AI Assault Squad charged in and cut down their hated enemies.

On the north side the firefight intensified. C3 strike squad taking firing position in the thick jungle gave supporting fire for the Algoryn helping to slow down the Ghar advance. AI Infiltrator squad emerged from the jungle on the east flank, using grenades tp destoy a Ghar trooper and slingnet net ammo to pin them further. IMTel calculated an optimal firing solution for the X-launcher to lob a grip munition on the north side to further hinder the enemy advance and give the transmat builders more time to complete their mission.

While the push from the north started grinding to a halt, more Ghar forces started pouring in from the south. Making headway straight towards the AI Assault squad a Ghar assault squad engaged them in a fierce melee. Finally their armour and the plasma claws were too much for the Algoryn and the Ghar forced them to flee and took positions dangerously close to the transmat: now only a single AI squad and a single C3 strike trooper were there to stop the destruction of TMS-1138. To the horror of the Algoryn, Ghar outcasts following the assault squad appeared amid the jungle, letting loose with their disruptor cannon and lugger guns, killing another Algoryn trooper and forcing the squad to break.

Finally the Ghar occupying the transmat assaulted the lonely C3 strike trooper. Holding his ground heroically he fired against charging Ghar, only to be ripped to pieces with their plasma claws. With allied forces cleared, the plasma claws tore into the transmit station and the battle was claimed for the Ghar Empire!

Ghar Empire

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