Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Rumble in the Jungle

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire
Firstborn son.

Scenario was Reinforce the position. Approx. 850 points per side.

Deep in the jungles of Xilos ancient ruins have been spotted by high altitude scout drones. Near the ruins appears to be an abandoned exploration camp (perhaps Algoryn). A small force of Concord has been despatched to investigate and recover any data.
Unfortunately the local Ghar commander is aware of the newcomers.

First two photos show the battlefield from the short edges. C3 forces deploy and arrive from the left of first pic. The yellow discs are transmats.

Deployment. I had planned to try and force one flank but as units deployed I spread out to counter the Ghar units. We ended up with both forces more or less evenly spread along their baseline. Ghar held back an outcast unit to flank and I sent two Strike squads to do the same.

Turn 1
Outcast squad “Bub” sprinted onto the table into woods near the ruins, exhausted 2 pins! Pic 3
Strike squad and Medium drone both fired on the Ghar assault suits putting on pins. The Assault squad activated with a roll of 1 and advanced bravely.
Distort dice hits the Ghar battlesuits near the ruins. (Firstborn used a Block ability but redrew another grey dice).
Concord Light support drones kitted out with a full array of buddy drones attacked the Bomber squad 9 shots- 8 hits. Only one failed save but it was the bomber. Pic 4
A Strike squad got stuck in some forest, the remnants of the Bombers advanced and Ghar outcast command ran onto the table heading for the abandoned camp. Not a great first turn for Ghar but Imtel expectations are optimal. Pic 5

Turn 2
3 Ghar “Amp” dice added to bag.
I drew the Distort dice and put it on a flanking unit off board.
Ghar bombers put a pin but no damage on Light drones then the assault squad needing 1s to hit add another.
The flanking outcasts (squad Magot) run onto the table at the base camp. The strike squad on the hill opposite gun one of them down.
The C3 unit stuck in the forest cannot move through the dense foliage but manage to shoot up a Flitter. (annoying little £&%^@#)
The C3D2 medium drone fired into the bomber squad and killed one. The lone survivor turned and fled the jeers of his former comrades.
The rest of the Ghar forces advanced to close the range and finally a strike squad arrived on the flank at the ruins.
In the recovery phase the assault suits lost their amp.
Pic 6 the escalating fight at the camp (please forgive the proxy outcasts)

Turn 3
Ghar assault suits advance towards the centre firing at the light drone and putting them Down.
The Battle suits shoot at the C3 near the ruins who break and flee (on a roll of 10).Outcasts and Strike squad at the camp fire on each other with little result although the Ghar ammunitions run low, another strike squad arrives from the flank to assist.
At the other end of the battlefield the outcast “Bub” leads his warriors into the ruins. Pic 7
At end of turn the Light drones fail to recover and stay down.

Turn 4
I used my Superior Shard ability. I had forgot about it earlier.
Both the Strike team in the forest and the C3D2 fired on the assault suits adding 2 pins and putting them Down.
Ineffective long range fire took up the rest of the turn although the strike teams at the camp advanced on the outcasts.
The outcast command unit could see how things were going and heroically jumped onto the transmat and appeared on the ruins.
Turn over the Light drones stay down the Assault suits use “Get Up” but lose their Amp. Pic 8

Turn 5
The Ghar assault team try to Rally and fail. C3 troopers in the forest advance and add a pin but are hit by the battlesuits and the disrupter cannon at the ruins, still disorientated by their experience in the forest they break and flee.
The rest of the Concord forces pour fire onto the assault Ghar building up pins.
Squad Magot are infuriated at their commanders cowardice, low on ammo they abandon cover and throw themselves at the nearest strike squad. Somehow they win the combat and push on for more. After the second round both sides fall back exhausted but passing break tests. Pic 9
The Concord medium drone missed with a 10 which ended the turn.
Thankfully the Light drones managed to recover from “Down” but the Ghar assault squad failed.
Pic 9 End of turn 5

Turn 6
The medium drone puts another pin on the assault Ghar they fail the break test and add another pin bringing them up to 7.
In a desperate attempt to relieve the pressure on the assault team, the Ghar battlesuits , outcast command and outcasts throw themselves forward but only manage a couple of pins and minor damage to a light drone but it is enough to put the entire unit Down.
Over at the base one strike squad hits the dirt (10 on order check) while the melee survivors manage to rally all their pins.

At this moment two strike squads have fled worth 250 points against the Ghar bomber squad at 217 points.
The Ghar need the game to end but firstborn rolls the dice and it shows a seventh turn.
The light drones, outcasts (at ruins) and the assault suits all fail recovery rolls but the assault suits get back to 6 pins.

Pic 11 The Ghar recue attempt.

Turn 7
C3D2 Medium drone fire at the assault suits, misses but rerolls and misses again!
The light drones are Down but are the only targets for the battlesuits, outcasts and command who add 2 pins and destroy one drone.
The last order dice in the bag is the battered strike squad at the ruins.
Pic 12
They advance through a small area of forest and emerge behind the assault suits, they concentrate their fire and cause a pin. The ghar are at 7 pins and must take a break test. They are Down so a fail will add another pin and that will Auto Break them.
Of course the roll is a 10.
The unit breaks and flees leaving the victory to the Concord!!!
Points lost Concord 250 Ghar 413

Although an eventual win for the C3 this battle was going against them much of the time. Losing two strike squads was a nuisance but not that bad.
The real problem was the unit of three light drones. They went Down at just the wrong time stayed Down another turn then when they did recover it was only to go down again and lose one of their number. They seemed to be a huge point sink. I might split them up into smaller units but they use “Support” slots from the army list and I’d rather try a launcher (or two), (or Interceptors).
The C2D3 is very cool but just underperformed in this game. Bad luck on the dice.
Apart from that it was great fun and a rare win at anything versus the eldest sprog!


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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