Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Flux Flos

Squad leader Kaal understood very well what his order was. Simply not because of the roaring sounds of exploding enemy drop ships in the distance horizon mixed with the familiar pop pop noise of scourer cannons, no, Kaal was very pleased he was assigned fare away from the now upcoming battle.
Patrolling his section of Xilos was a daily pleasant routine and above all very safe. He had already got two disciplinary warnings from prime Ghar command. The third reprimand will cast him out and that also means a instance inglorious dead on the battlefield. Kaal was determent to protect the tunnel entrance at all cost. His honor and precious life was at stack this time. No mistakes.

Squad leader Kaal did not doubt a second when the first wave of Boromites arrived and he orders immediately to commence fire. Ghar will prevail!

Objective: defend the airshaft

Turn 1
One loud explosion sounds in the sky. One enemy drop pod was hit by quantum missiles. Three pods overshoot. Two landed near the defense.
Assault/battle squad move on the battlefield. Assault group had fire contact but the enemy missed.
From turn 2 things went very wrong for the Ghar. One Boromite landing pod deployed behind outcast troops.
Overwhelmed by the sudden mag guns firepower they go down, one pin and 1 outcast killed in the progress.
The Battle squad tried to run to the defense zone but shot by enemy light support in the effort. The assault squad got in a hand to hand fight with ferocious lavamites. Although the handler was killed Lavaspit fire cooking the poor Ghar in there battle suits leaving them smoldering on the battlefield.
And then the incoming of net ammo. 5 pins!!! Break test fail end of game in turn 5.

Kaal cursed. Those rockeaters bring him closer to be out casted. Luckily for Kaal, High prime Command was overloaded busy with the attacks by the Algoryn assaults. So Kaal will fight another day as squad leader.

Flux Flos

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