Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Fog of war

View Linked Report - Click Here Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Flux Flos

Squad leader Kaal look at his flashing sensors on screen. Boromites approaching as he expected.
His instincts where right. The rockeaters need there drilling equipment the same as Kaal need to stay away from out casting. Hopefully the trap would be tight enough to successfully crush the Boromites. Through the thick fog silhouettes emerged.

Turn 1
Ghar advance and killed 1 workganger inflicted a pin to that unit. The overseer made a 10 inch run with the heavy frag borer. Boromite light support unit shoot the assault Ghar and hit the plasma reactor, luckily it did not exploded. Unfortunately the X launcher inflicted 5 pins with those damned net ammo on the same Ghar unit.
Disruptor canon crew shoot at the overseer but missed. Outcast bursts fire 8 shots. Killed 1 command crewman. Ghar battle suit’s open fire dispersed blast shell’s and finished the overseer unit. Flux Flos injured.

Turn 2
Disruptor canon goes down because the black dice. Workgang runs and take the heavy frag borer with them.
The assault Ghar unit failed a command check and went down.
Lavamites make a assault to the downed Assault Ghar unit and woesh….the rest is history although they say history never repeat yeah yeah right….
Disrupter canon unit was wiped out by the assaulting gangers

Turn 3
Ghar dice drawn but block by the Borimites, very effectively the next dice was for the light support. Shoot 1 pin on the Ghar battle suits.
Ghar was half its original size and d6 rolled for one more turn to play.

Turn 4
Outcast tries to run to the Heavy Frag borer but ran short.
X launcher hit the Battle suits again with net ammo and inflicted 2 more pins.

The Frag borer was half way on the board. 2 Ghar units over.

Kaal sat speechless in his battle suit, red humming hissing warning lights flashed before his eyes. Sir? a clear voice sounds in the headset. Sir?
High prime command want to speak to you…

Flux Flos

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