Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

In the line of fire

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Flux Flos

The words of the high command Karg himself repeating again and again in Kaal’s head like an echo.
Still in disbelieve, somewhere in his back of his mind Kaal had to come to terms that he was promoted as commander. He a very intelligent Ghar breed, one most important goal in his humble Ghar existent, was to stay alive at all cost. Even when it means to skip duty for a precious moment of peace without being noticed for this traitorous thought.
Once again Kaal stood for a big challenge. No outcast this time but it feels no difference for the task he was given.

Karg 12-40-9 Order: Assault the airshaft entrance, kill all, destroy enemy beamup facility.

The Ghar will prevail! Long live the Empire!

Kaal gaze at the holoscreen display mounted in his helmet. Information intelligents flickerd on the 3d battle situation 100 clicks away in the front distance.
The rockeaters expecting us he mumbled.

Flux Flos

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